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01 Jan 2013
The last press-conference of Oltra; he confessed that his exit is a surprise to him as he didn’t expect it. For him the current situation in liga wasn’t so critical; at the same time he wished good luck to the fans and to the club.

José Luis Oltra is no longer the coach of Deportivo; he was informed of his destitution on Saturday’s night by Macario Bravo, the psychologist of the club, before leaving he addressed the media after saying good-bye to the players.

He started assuring that he wasn’t expecting for his destitution, “I was surprised with the decision, because the situation wasn’t irreversible. I understand that this is part of the job, it comes with the profession. I understand that this is football and that you need to assume it. We were only one triumph away of the salvation. We didn’t lose against the bottom clubs, with the exception of Espanyol. The worst part was to tell it to my kids, there were some tears.”

“If we would have won the last game then we wouldn’t be here. I had an idea for the last game, but the injuries of Laure and Ze Castro changed my plans, which were to play 4-4-1-1, always with the same philosophy. I perceive that people felt identified with our style of playing, it was what I perceived. We would have achieved the salvation with me, and now the team will do it too, because there are two factors for it: a team of players that are committed and a group of fans that are pushing strongly. I wasn’t expecting for this, but in the end the hit is that I am no longer the coach of Deportivo. I know what I tried to do and what I did.” He added.

The Valencian coach confessed that he was the only one that talked during his last conversation with the players, “I was the only one that talked, I thanked to the ones that were with me for the past year and a half, also to the ones that were here only for six months. I said good-bye to them and saw their faces. I felt a commitment and the identification that’s mutual. I remain confident of the capacity of this group. They showed me their love and at some point I felt overwhelmed.”

Finally, Oltra sent a message to the fans, “I didn’t come here to presume of the record of last season. I leave with a clear conscience and the satisfaction of accomplishment. The fans have been giving lessons since I came here. I want to thank them. There was only love for me. This club deserves a lot, because is big. People from A Coruña treated me pretty well and I felt happy. It’s important for me to say good-bye to the fans. They gave me things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I just want to say good-bye and Forza Depor.”

Oltra saying good-bye to Lendoiro
The former coach of Deportivo is paying the price for three circumstances: his poor relation with the media, his dark past as a Primera coach and the financial situation of the club. First to all, the relation of Oltra with journalists was always tense. Many reporters assumed a rougher role with the relegation and at some point it seemed unfair as there was criticism even with the team breaking record at Segunda División. It just increased the pressure over the president when things turned to be negative.

Then, the fact that Oltra has always been chased by the ghost of being a solid coach at Segunda, but poor at Primera. His previous experiences at the top flight –CD Tenerife and Almeria UD- meant to see two teams suffering the relegation, mainly as those teams were allowing too many goals, and the same was happening to Deportivo, so only a few people thought that things were going to change after the Galician team begun the downward spiral that put it at the bottom of the standings.

Finally, the current delicate financial situation; it isn’t the responsibility of Oltra, but it increased the pressure over the president as Deportivo cannot afford another relegation. After all, if the club had problems to pay the debt with the Spanish Treasury it was because the losses for the decrease of the Television incomes after the last relegation to Segunda affected the financial structure of Deportivo.



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