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02 Jan 2013
First part of RCDLC.com list of the best young players during the year that’s ending. There are several interesting lads that have the potential of reaching the first squad. In this first chapter we present the defensive prospects: 2 keepers & 6 defenders

Every year RCDLC.com analyzes the performance of the most promising players at the youth teams of Deportivo, basically the ones performing at Fabril and Juvenil A, youngsters that could have a future career at the first team. This short list is only composed by seventeen youngsters, there could be more, but the purpose is to just list the best.

Also, the list is leaving behind some players that could be completing a solid season, but that will hardly have a chance at the first squad, it’s the case of Oumar Sidibé or Jorge Romay, who are having a decent performance at Depor B, but that will hardly get an opportunity due to their age and the long list of players at the first team. Finally, right-back Adriá Gallego plus other of our favourites, Jorge de Dios, are out as they spent the year injured. This first chapter is presenting the first eight players, the defensive ones: two goalies and six defenders.

1- Marc Martinez Aranda: (22, goalkeeper, Fabril) There are two goalkeepers on the list. The first one is Marc Martinez. This Catalan goalie is completing his second year at Deportivo B and has always left a positive impression, to the point of already been a reference at the second squad of Deportivo. He had many great moments in 2012, like the game in which he stopped a penalty to Pontevedra CF to secure a 1-0 win (April 22). He already played 53 matches at Tercera with Fabril.

2013 should be a year of challenges to him, because he will be 23 and the club must decide between release him, sent him on loan or to promote him to the first squad, a tough call, but normal due to the level of the keepers at the top teams of Deportivo. After all it’s a challenge having Aranzubia and Lux at the first squad and then a young prospect like David Gómez pushing up from Juvenil A.

Marc already had the experience of been on the bench of the first team and was one more player during the promotion’s celebrations. Normally he trains with the other keepers at the first team under the supervision of José Sambade. He also played during the pre-season with Oltra’s squad. The fact that Lux and Aranzubia end their contracts during the summer might finally open a door to him.

2- David Gomez Vazquez: (18, goalkeeper, Juvenil A) Many years have passed since the last time a Galician man enjoyed of a solid spell at Depor’s goal. More precisely since the Segunda season 1989/90, time when A Coruña-born Jorge García and Pontevedra-born Fernando Iglesias shared the spot when the team was competing at Segunda. In the following two decades there wasn’t any Galician enjoying of a stable role at the goal of the first team. Many, as the case of Dani Mallo, had to search for a life elsewhere.

That’s why there are high expectations in A Coruña-born David Gómez, who’s completing his third year at the Juvenil A squad. This 18-year-old goalie already made 63 appearances at División de Honor Juvenil. In 2011 he was called once to Spain’s U-17 squad and many believe that he’s a solid candidate to the goal of Deportivo’s first team.

Actually it isn’t strange to see him training with the first squad under the supervision of the keepers’ trainer, José Sambade. In 2011, been 17, he even debuted with Depor’s first team during a friendly game against SD Negreira. 2013 should witness his promotion to Deportivo B.

3- Ángel Martinez Ortega: (21, left-back, Fabril) The left-back position, that old ghost scaring Deportivo since the departure of Filipe Luis. Many have tried to fit on the position, and all of them have failed, from Norwegian Knut Rindarøy to Brazilian Evaldo Fabiano. Ironically, the B squad of Deportivo is providing an interesting choice for the job: Catalan Ángel. He arrived to the club in 2011 and already made 50 appearances with the team at Tercera División.

The interesting thing is that he’s a versatile player: a solid defender that’s also a very helpful resource in attack, last season he provided six assists thanks to his crosses, and on this campaign he just completed his first assist in the winning goal against Narón BP at the last minute of the match (2-1). With Seoane leaving the club during the summer, and with the uncertain future of the other left-backs at the team, this 21-year-old player’s worth a chance. The question is: would anybody at the club give him that opportunity?

4- Pablo Insua Blanco: (19, centre-back, Fabril) Without doubt the youth player with the most resounding career during 2012, mainly because he debuted at Oltra’s squad at Primera División and also in Copa Del Rey. In 2010 this Arzua-born player surprised everyone claiming a spot at Depor B when he was supposed to be playing at Juvenil A.

Two years later he was the reference at the centre of the defense and turned into the 25th youth player of Deportivo that debuted in an official game since the foundation of Abegondo in 2003. 2012 was a complete year for him as he also took part of Spain’s U-19 team that earned the gold in the UEFA championship.

So far he has played three games with the first team, one in Copa against RCD Mallorca, and two in liga, both away from the Riazor: Athletic Bilbao and Atletico Madrid. Unfortunately those were dark times for the first team and his performance wasn’t brilliant, after all he was part of the team that was trashed 0-6 at the Calderón stadium, which turned to be Depor’s worst defeat since the season 1964/65.  Still, it is a great experience to him; something that, together with his 28 games at Segunda B and 48 at Tercera, point to him as the Fabril’s player with the best chance to join the first team in the coming years.

5- Uxío Marcos Nores: (19, centre-back, Fabril) This Ourense-born defender is eight months older than Insua, but it’s coming behind him in the ascension to the first team, perhaps it’s the reason why he isn’t calling the same attention than his partner at the centre of the defense. In 2010 he should was the one picked to Fabril, but instead it was Insua the chosen one.  But his main virtue has always been consistency, after all he’s one of the few players at the club that begun their career at Alevin B (2003) and is now at the edge of debuting with the first team.

He already played three games at Segunda B and another forty-one at Tercera División, and 2012 was a special year for him. Firstly for gaining a starting spot at Fabril performing alongside Insua at the centre of the defense, and later because he was picked for the first time to an official game with Oltra’s senior team.

It was for the home match against Real Valladolid with the team competing at Segunda (May 06). He was picked as Oltra was dragging a large list of casualties; the boy didn’t have the chance to play, but definitely it was a great experience to him. It shouldn’t be surprising if in a couple of years the centre of the defense at the first squad is completely Galician.

6- Roberto Suárez Pier ‘Róber’: (16, centre-back, Juvenil A) The centre-backs are hitting strong at the youth teams of Deportivo. The footsteps of Piscu and Rochela were followed by Insua and Uxío, and now by Róber and other players competing at Juvenil A. He has been described as a solid defender that’s pretty wise in the output of the ball.

At the end of 2010 he was picked once to Spain’s U-16 squad. Róber was 15 at the time and he should have been playing at Juvenil B, but instead he turned to be a normal starter at the upper squad, Juvenil A, team designed for 17-year-old players.

2012 was a great year to him; for the season 2011/12, Róber secured his spot at Juvenil A, to the point of been the lonely Depor’s player that took part of all the 30 matches disputed at División de Honor Juvenil. For the present campaign he’s rotating between Juvenil A & Fabril; each time that coach Devesa has a casualty (Insua or Uxío) he’s immediately called in order to fill the gap at the starting formation of the B squad, and if not he performs for Juvenil A. So far he already made 9 appearances at División de Honor Juvenil and other 8 at Tercera with Depor B.

7- Enrique Fornos Domínguez ‘Quique’ (15, centre-back, Juvenil A) Tired of centre-backs? You shouldn’t, because there are several quality central defenders at the youth teams. Piscu and Rochela opened the way, their footsteps were followed by Insua and Uxío, and the next couple pushing from behind is the one composed by Róber and Enrique Fornos, aka ‘Quique’. He arrived to the club in 2010 and, as it happens with several youngsters in this list, he’s used to perform alongside older players. He played at Cadete B during his first year at the club. Last season he was playing at Cadete A and made 18 appearances at División de Honor Cadete.

The best came on this season; he should have stayed at Cadete A, but instead he was promoted to Juvenil B despite only been 15 and if it wasn’t enough the last decision before kicking off the season was to promote him to Juvenil A, sometimes playing with 18-year-old team mates.  A great challenge, but Quique has fulfilled the expectations. So far he has completed 15 appearances at División de Honor Juvenil.

He and Róber could be the centre-backs of Fabril in two or three years. Finally, Quique was born in As Pontes, reason why he’s frequently compared with Piscu and Rochela, another two centre-backs born in that municipality and that already played for Deportivo’s first team.

8- Gabriel Sanin Pellet ‘Gabi’: (17, centre-back/left-back, Juvenil A). It shouldn’t be surprising to see a young prospect playing in different positions during his stage at any academy, after all it is normal to see the coaches testing the players in different functions in order to determine the positions that suits the skills of the player. This right-footed kid arrived for the season 2008/09 coming from Conxo and performed as a left winger at the Infantil A squad; he did so well that ended the campaign as the third best scorer at the team with 18 goals scored in 25 matches; and this taking in mind that he also performed as a centre-back.

At the time coach Fran Varela described his skills, “He’s explosive, fast, aggressive and knows how to defend. At this point he’s performing as a centre-back, but also did it as a left winger and up front, always fulfilling his duties with goals. But it’s too early to typecast him in one single position. He’s perceptive, good in the aids and knows how to anticipate the rival.” During the following season he was promoted to Cadete A and was moved to the defense. He made 27 presentations with the team and scored 4 goals.

For the season 2010/11 he performed as a left-back with Juvenil B and played in 30 of the 34 matches at Liga Nacional Juvenil, always as a starter. Then he got promoted to Juvenil A and since then he has played 45 matches at División de Honor, sometimes as a left-back and in others as a centre-back. Definitely, a very complete player that has succeeded in all the positions where he has performed. In one or two years he could be landing at Deportivo B.



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