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02 Jan 2013
Second part of RCDLC.com list of the best young players during the year that’s ending. There are several interesting lads that have the potential of reaching the first squad. In this second chapter we present the most offensive prospects.

Every year RCDLC.com analyzes the performance of the most promising players at the youth teams of Deportivo, basically the ones performing at Fabril and Juvenil A, youngsters that could have a future career at the first team. This short list is only composed by seventeen youngsters, there could be more, but the purpose is to just list the best.

Also, the list is leaving behind some players that could be completing a solid season, but that will hardly have a chance at the first squad, it’s the case of Oumar Sidibé or Jorge Romay, who are having a decent performance at Depor B, but that will hardly get an opportunity due to their age and the long list of players at the first team. Finally, right-back Adriá Gallego plus other of our favourites, Jorge de Dios, are out as they spent the year injured. This second chapter is presenting the last nine players: one centre midfielder, two wingers, four playmakers and two strikers.

9- Sergio Pereira Blanco: (16, centre midfielder, Juvenil A) There a few centre midfielders that are able to demonstrate a great capacity to score goals; and that’s the case of Sergio Pereira, a versatile centre midfielder that scored 17 goals in 20 games with Infantil B during the season 2008/09, one year later he was directly promoted to Cadete B and scored 14 goals in 28 matches, and all of this playing alongside older players than him.

Many people only see the goals in favour when they judge a midfielder or an attacker and forget that this kind of player also develop other functions on the pitch, so when Sergio was promoted to Juvenil B ahead of the season 2010/11 his scoring numbers got worse (2 goals in 27 games), but it doesn’t mean that he hasn’t matched the expectations, what happened was that he started to perform in more delayed positions.

Still, this is a player with discipline and a great quality to move the ball, and for that reason he, together with Bicho, were picked in September by Spain´s U-17 squad, though later he didn’t make it into the final list ahead of the European championship. In any case, Pereira is a player to follow; he was promoted to Juvenil A for the present season and is already a fixed starter playing in 16 of the 17 games at División de Honor, and in a couple of opportunities he even performed as a left-back or centre-back. In two years he should be at Fabril.

10- Juan Carlos Real: (21, playmaker, Fabril) In 2011 this A Coruña-born playmaker was considered to be the main promise at the youth teams, and in the first part of 2012 he fulfilled the expectations, firstly ending as the top-scorer of Depor B (16 goals in favour), and later debuting in the top competitions of the first team, Copa Del Rey and Segunda División.

But he suffered a big hit during the summer; Deportivo decided to loan him out, the operation failed at the last minute and the player was “punished” bringing him back to Fabril. The worst part is that Juan Carlos isn’t training at the first team as he did on last season.

Many people are worried that this setback might push him out of the club. Still, his class remains intact and he’s growing up on the season after a doubtful start. At this point he’s the second best scorer (4) and the second player with more assists (4) at Depor B, team fighting for the promotion to Segunda División B.

11- Paulo Sérgio Rodrigues Teles (19, playmaker, Fabril) The only foreign player on the list. The Portuguese invasion also reached Fabril; this playmaker arrived during the summer and has shown glimpses of his class in the 13 matches that he has played at Tercera División. It has been a challenge for him as coach Devesa has a lot of talent for the position of playmaker; Juan Carlos and Romay are the youngsters performing at that role, which has delayed the position of Teles on the field.

On this season the Portuguese is mainly performing as a centre midfielder and in some opportunities as a left winger. He was still able to score twice and also provided three assists. Teles was also picked in order to train with the first team during the season. His progress looks promising, but needs more time and consistency before having an opportunity at the elite.

He has two more years of contract for it. Something that he recently explained during an interview at Riazor.org, “I’ve a three-year contract plus objectives. I have at least three years at the club. I had a contract with Benfica, also for three years, and they wanted to loan me out, but Depor wanted to sign me in a permanent deal and not on loan. The two clubs negotiated; it was a complicated operation. After a week on trial, I signed here with the same contract that I had there.”

12- Julio Delgado Dominguez (16, playmaker, Juvenil A) One of the members of last year’s list and a promise that still progressing. He wasn’t included in the plans of Spain’s U-16 squad during this year, but made a final step into the Juvenil A team. As it happened since his arrival to Cadete B this Pontevedra-born player has been performing alongside older youngsters and always exceling up.

In 2011, Julio had a first experience with Juvenil A after he played four games at División de Honor, and one year later he’s already a reference at the team. He, together with striker Chiño, represent the only two players at the team that have participated in all the 17 games so far in the league.

Described as a fast and skillful playmaker he’s now one of the brains at the squad coached by Secho.  Perhaps his scoring record doesn’t call the attention, but his vision to play is pretty interesting. He still need one or two more years before making the jump to Deportivo B.

13- Javier Fernandez Abruñedo ‘Bicho’ (16, winger, Juvenil A) The sensation of 2011 made a big step one year later landing at Juvenil A and the immediate effect was that he slowed his scoring record, but not his progress in the quest for professionalism. Last season he scored the amazing number of 37 goals in 32 matches playing for the Cadete A squad, something that put him on the map and called the attention of Spain’s U-16 squad and also of some foreign clubs like Manchester City.

He should have been promoted to Juvenil B for the present season, but instead the coaching staff decided to make a bigger step and Bicho was directly promoted to the upper team, Juvenil A; place where he keeps performing as a winger disputing 16 games and scoring 3 goals at División de Honor.

It is a deceiving statistic, because there are huge differences between the leagues and Division de Honor Juvenil is tougher for any goal scorer, just to remember the fact that within the last four years only two players scored 20 or more goals there (Joshua & Álex Pérez). A lot it’s expected from this winger used to perform among older players, in one or two years he could be reaching Deportivo B.

14- Aarón Sánchez Sánchez: (14, playmaker/winger, Cadete A) The only player on the list that isn’t performing at Fabril or at any of both Juvenile squads, and definitely he’s worth it. Aarón exemplifies the concept of a ‘multifunctional’ player. Last season he destroyed all the charts scoring 35 goals in 30 games disputed with the Infantil A squad of Deportivo, and he did it playing as a centre midfielder.

For the present season Aarón and his team mate Álex Rey were directly promoted to the Cadete A team, playing alongside older partners, and he’s already leaving a mark there, and this time performing as a winger and also as a playmaker.

He’s the current top-scorer at the team with thirteen goals after fifteen matches at División de Honor Cadetes, and if this isn’t enough he has been used too at the lower squad, Cadete B, and he’s the second best scorer at that team scoring seven goals in five matches.  Definitely, this youngster is one of the big sensations on this season.

15-Luis Fernández Teijeiro (19, striker, Fabril) A serious knee ligaments injury almost left him out of action during the entire 2012, but this A Coruña-striker returned stronger than ever before and is now the Pichichi at Deportivo B. So, it can be said that this is the comeback of the year.

Luis arrived to Deportivo coming from Ural and in his first year at the club he netted 26 goals in 30 matches with Juvenil B (2009/10); one year later he was promoted to Juvenil A and scored 13 times in 23 appearances at División de Honor Juvenil.

The striker was promoted to Deportivo B for the past season and was making a solid progress, playing 15 games and scoring 4 goals, until he suffered a serious knee injury after just 15 minutes in the visit to Ordes SD (Feb 05). He returned nine months later during the visit to Bentazos CF (Oct 28) and so far he has played 8 games scoring 6 goals. Luis has what any coach wants in a striker: opportunism and solid in the definition of the plays. He could follow the footsteps of Lassad after the disappointing exit of Iago Beceiro. At least he deserves the chance.

16-Álvaro Lemos Collazo (19, winger/striker, Fabril) The current sensation at Deportivo B and another of the strikers that’s pushing strongly from the bottom, more precisely since he scored 20 goals in 30 matches with the Cadete A team back on the season 2008/09. One year later he only netted 5 goals in 17 presentations with Juvenil B, but recovered the pace for the campaign 2010/11 scoring 13 times in 28 matches at División de Honor Juvenil playing for Juvenil A.

Last season he rotated between Juvenil A and Fabril making his debut at Tercera División in the 1-1 draw visiting Alondras (Sept 4, 2011). He ended up the season with 14 games with Depor B scoring twice and providing two assists.

The present year marked the arrival of coach José Luis Devesa and his function is now to perform on the left wing, and Lemos is leaving a mark becoming into one of the best players in attack; he’s one of the three players that have taken part in all of the 18 games on the Tercera season scoring three times and providing seven assists, this last one is the highest mark at the team. Like his partner Luis, he’s earning a chance with the first team.

17- Daniel Iglesias Gago (17, striker, Juvenil A) The ‘wonder kid’ still amazing everyone; one of the few youth players that have been on the list of top promises for the past three years. After showing impressive scoring records at the Cadete teams he was directly promoted to Juvenil A ahead of the season 2011/12, and the boy ended as the top-scorer netting 14 goals in 19 matches. The plan for the current season is to keep him at Juvenil A giving him the chance to play from time to time at Fabril.

Many people didn’t like the idea as Dani is too small yet and he didn’t seem prepared to face the challenges of Tercera, a league full of ‘old dogs’ and veterans with a lot of experience, some of them even with a past at Primera División.

But somehow he found the way to score three goals and provide one assist in only five games with Fabril. He debuted at Tercera scoring the winning goal against UD Barbadás (1-2, Sept 02). Still, the coaches prefer to keep him at División de Honor and he has added 7 goals to his tally after 12 presentations with Juvenil A. Expect more things from this young lad, because he still far from his peak.



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