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4-2-3-1 OR 4-3-3?

04 Jan 2013
Domingos Paciência usually plays with a 4-3-3 figure, but for the debut against Malaga CF, he will probably keep using the 4-2-3-1 scheme inherited from Oltra. Then the draw could be switched for future matches.

There’s a lot of expectation in order to see the tactics that new coach Domingos Paciência will use at Deportivo. The Portuguese coach is used to play with a 4-3-3 scheme, a system that will probably try to introduce at the Galician outfit.

But for now it seems that he will keep using the 4-2-3-1, a draw that former coach José Luis Oltra used in each one of the 65 official matches in which he was in command of the team. One of the big differences between both coaches is that Oltra never tested a lineup during a training session, while Domingos works with a lineup in practically all the sessions. Since landing at Depor the ex-Braga man has tested three lineups in four training sessions.

And the three tested lineups were a 4-2-3-1. It seems that there won’t be any radical change compared to the usual lineups of Oltra, at least for the coming game against Malaga CF. German Lux has big chances of staying at the starting eleven. The injury of Laure is keeping Manuel Pablo at the right-back position.

The same happens at the left side; Ayoze Diaz is injured and the job should be for Evaldo Fabiano. Sílvio joined the club on Thursday and it’s too soon for him in order to debut. At the centre of the defense the Portuguese coach tested with Aythami Artiles and Ze Castro during Tuesday’s session, but on Wednesday and Thursday Carlos Marchena replaced the Canarian and it should happen the same on Saturday.

A similar situation occurs at midfield; on Tuesday, Paciência was testing with Juan Dominguez and Abel Aguilar for the central positions, but in the following two tests Álex Bergantiños was claiming the spot of Dominguez. It’s the same couple that was starting the games with Oltra.

Bruno Gama, at the right wing, seems to have a fixed spot. Valerón was tested at the playmaking function in the first tests, but on Thursday Pizzi was the playmaker and Diogo Salomão was the left winger, exactly the same draw used by Oltra in his last game facing RCD Espanyol.

On Wednesday Javier Camuñas was tested on the left wing, but this seems to be an improbable choice .Finally, Riki will probably remain playing at the centre of the attack, therefore Nélson Oliveira should remain on the bench.

Beyond the scheme used by Domingos, a lot of changes are expected to be witnessed regarding the players’ movements on the pitch. Oltra’s teams had big problems defending the attack of the rivals and for this reason Deportivo turned to be the worst defense in la liga, while the strength of Paciência’s teams is based in a solid defense that tries to surprise in the counterattack.



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