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05 Jan 2013
Domingos Paciência debuts at Deportivo and he does it asking to improve the defensive task of the team. The rival fears the reaction of a team with a new coach, but also relies in the capacity of a team that has been facing three competitions.

Manuel Pellegrini is one of the most experienced coaches at the Spanish la liga. The Chilean signed for Villarreal CF in the year 2004 after achieving big triumphs with Argentine club River Plate, and he was one of the main responsible for the growth of Villarreal. He was able to put the yellow submarine in the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League 2005/2006. Then he signed for the all mighty Real Madrid ahead of the season 2009/10 and, despite leaving the Madrilenian club without titles, he was able to break several records, including the spell of Real Madrid at the Riazor.

Criticized by the media he left the capital and jumped to Malaga CF ahead of the season 2010/11; El Ingeniero didn’t have convincing results in his first year, but last season he was able to qualify Malaga CF to the UEFA Champions League for the first time, and currently he’s making an impeccable job, with the team lying at the fourth position at the standings and with a resounding run in the highest tournament in Europe: they advanced to the knockout stage and will face a double meeting with FC Porto in the coming two months.

The match at the Riazor marks the debut of Domingos Paciência at Deportivo. A positive stat is that the three previous coaches that debuted in the middle of a season during Lendoiro’s era didn’t lose in their first game. Arsenio Iglesias debuted with a 2-2 draw hosting Real Burgos (1991/92), then Carlos Alberto Silva debuted with a 3-1 win visiting Hércules CF (1996/97) and finally, José Manuel Corral clinched a 1-1 draw visiting Athletic Bilbao during his first match at Depor (1997/98).

Depor’s new coach offered his first press conference before a liga meeting on Thursday’s evening; it took place after the training session held at the Riazor. He spoke for 15 minutes with reporters. He started expressing his confidence with the players after the first training sessions, “We can’t change the past, everybody knows that things haven’t been fine on here, but I see the will to do things differently and that starting on Saturday we can start winning against Malaga, because I watched the players highly involved and having intensity, that’s important to me. They want to change the current situation and also want to win, because it’s important to win. Things can change a lot if we win the next game.”

“There was a long break in the league and it isn’t easy, for now we are trying to do the best in order to face Saturday’s game. We need our biggest strength, to be highly involved in the game and having the commitment of everybody, because the players must be aware that’s important to win the next game. It is something that we miss.” He added.

Asked if there will be a lot of changes at the lineup, the Portuguese trainer assured that he isn’t planning too many modifications, “Changes? There cannot be too many changes; you know the players that have played the most, so there won’t be too many changes. Besides, I think that what we need to change is the mentality, because if until this point it wasn’t possible to win and add more points, then we need to change the way of facing the matches.”

“The first thing I asked when I arrived is to do more and to do it better, and for that there’s a commitment from me and from my coaching staff, always having the support of the fans. We work for them and will do our best for them, always trying to win for them, so we need everyone’s support.” He added.

Then Domingos insisted as he did the day of his presentation that Deportivo need to be strong at defense, “In order to win more games we must try to not suffer and also to score goals. We need to improve in defense, this in order to not allow more goals. It isn’t only a matter of seeing four or six players defending; everyone should know when to attack and when to defend. So, a balance is needed. We trained this during the week as the team needs to be strong at defense.”

Asked about Sílvio, he commented that, “Roderick has left the team and surely others will do it, because they aren’t happy as they aren’t playing, so more could also leave. You don’t know too much of Sílvio, because he hasn’t played too much since landing at Spain, but he’s a player with quality and we need these kind of players in the attempt to have a better balance. So we’re trying to have a stronger team with Sílvio and other players. With me he has played at both sides, he can play with both feet, he can play at the right or at the left, but in my opinion he’s better on the right. I can only say that there’s a strong effort in order to have a better balance at the team, there are positions that aren’t so strong as we could want. I have watched some matches of Depor and already saw the men training, so I have a better analysis of all the players at the team.”

About the rival, Malaga CF, he commented that, “They have a great team, full of quality and is currently performing in the Champions League. They have great players, Isco, Joaquin… you know the players they have, men that can unbalance a game. But right now I am more worried of what Depor could do, because in order to win we need to be focused. I am worried of what we could do in this game, which should be a lot in order to win.”

He also said that the lineup for the game is almost decided, “After four trainings I’ve a clear idea of the team, everybody wants to win the game and we need the support of the public. I only ask the players to give everything. Everybody wants to play well, but we must try to win, later if we can win and play good football, the better. We must remain focused in order to win.”

Then he talked about his philosophy, “It’s important to not allow goals, also to score goals, but it nether means that I like a team that’s defending and defending. No, I like a team that knows how to manage all the moments in the game. We work in order to be a strong team when we have the ball, when we don’t have it and also solid when we miss it and try to regain it, because this is football and if we can be strong in these four moments, then we’ve more options to win.”

A journalist asked if he already found errors that need to be fixed at the team, and the response was, “There are always mismatches, in football there are always things that can be improved, individual and collective issues that need to be fixed. You see it at the end of the matches and after the trainings. After four sessions I talked to the players and told them that what we need to do is a better job, because if you changed the coach it was for something.”

Finally, Paciência offered a short response when he was asked about the debate of who should be the starting goalie, Daniel Aranzubia or German Lux, “I have two very good goalkeepers; therefore no matter who plays it will be an injustice.”

Malaga’s coach barely had time to follow the trainings of his team; he had to be in Chile for the end of the year with his sick mother and just landed in Spain on Friday’s morning. Still, he will be at the Riazor for this game and even nicely offered a press conference before the meeting. He began commenting the issue, “I took a plane yesterday and landed today in Barajas, later I was able to pick up the train and arrived for the training. I’m tired, but I can surpass it.”

He was expressing his concern regarding the tight calendar of his team, “We’ve a tough calendar in January, let’s hope we can resume la liga with the same intensity and performance had at the end of the year, and let’s hope we can pass the round in Copa Del Rey. We’ve important games in January and I believe the vacations were fine for a reduced group of players that has been carrying on with the three competitions.”

Later the Chilean tactician talked of Deportivo and their new coach, “It’s what tradition says: normally when a team changes the coach there’s an excess of motivation that sometimes can be reflected in the pitch, sometimes it isn’t like that. Depor is facing a complicate situation, so no matter who the coach is, they’re playing for their life, because these are three points at home and we must try to make a very complete game if we pretend to add points.”

“Some years ago Domingos Paciência made very important campaigns in Portugal, but I don’t know what he has been doing lately. Still, he has only be there for a few days and it isn’t enough time to see the hand of the coach affecting the team, so it’s more probable that we can see a highly motivated Depor seeking for the points instead of a team searching for a specific type of game.” He added

Finally, Pellegrini explained the reasons why he picked Fabrice Olinga, the youngster that was in the headlines at the beginning of the season as he became into the youngest player to score in la liga, and who later disappeared from the first team, “I never stopped believing in the youngster. Fabrice is a young player that’s making his first steps in football, he trains with us and it’s a good motivation to call him from time to time, but he’s part of a growing process and I never lost my confidence in him.”



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