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08 Jan 2013
Boring game at Pasarón; Depor B was an inconsistent team that didn’t deserve the victory. Still, it is an important result visiting a direct rival for the promotion seats. Fabril end the first round in liga at the 4th place.

Coach José Luis Devesa was having important casualties for the first game of 2013. Playmaker Juan Carlos was suspended with five yellow cards, while centre-back Uxío Marcos arrived late from his vacations in Africa. Besides, keeper Ricky Alonso and centre midfielder Richi were still out injured.

The formation was a 4-2-3-1. Marc Martinez defended the goal; Iván Garrido played at the right-back position, Ángel Martinez performed at the left side, while Róber arrived from Juvenil A in order to join Pablo Insua at the centre of the defense. Oumar Sidibé and Paulo Teles were the centre midfielders, Álvaro Lemos covered the right wing, Jorge Romay was the playmaker, Álex Pérez attacked from the left and Luis Fernández was the central attacker.

The rival was Pontevedra CF, a direct rival for the promotion seats that urgently needed the points as they were 7 points below the promotion zone. Top-scorer Santi Dominguezwas on the bench, he has scored nine goals for the team coached by Milo Abelleira.That’s the fourth best mark in this league. In the end the references up front were Jacobo Millán and Richi González.

It was an open game, with plenty of room to play at midfield, but that doesn’t mean that it was an attractive game; actually it was the opposite, because neither Pontevedra nor Deportivo B knew how to seize the weaknesses of the rival. Besides, the low attendance and the cold temperature converted the clash into a boredom fest. The public only reacted until the final minutes. The locals had the ball possession, but faced problems to overcome the visitors’ defensive wall. Meanwhile, Devesa’s team looked dangerous in the counterattack, but faced problems to create scoring chances; after all, they only completed one shot on target against the goal defended by local keeper Sergio Lloves.

Within the first half, Pontevedra had the ball possession, but never found the way to unlock Fabril’s deadlock; they just seemed dangerous in set-pieces. At minute 2, Jacobo, the most dangerous player for the locals throughout the match, was close to score with a direct free-kick that was deflected. Then he attempted a scissor-kick after a corner, but he missed the target (16’).

Fabril looked sharp in the counterattack, with Teles as the brain of the team and with Lemos pretty active on the sides. But the magic disappeared as soon as the team stepped into the edge of the area; there were a lot of crosses, but no shots on target. At minute 10, Lemos released a dangerous cross from the left, but Luis missed the ball as Lloves cleared the danger first.

With the passage of the minutes Pontevedra increased the pressure and Fabril suffered more, it was the moment when Oumar Sidibé shone as he was a valuable resource at midfield, clearing the attacks of the rival and bringing fresh air to the defenders.

The clearest chance to score for the locals in the first part was a dangerous cross of Jacobo that Marc Martinez saved before the pressure of a rival, in the next play Ivan Garrido blocked a shot of Richi González from inside the box after a short pass of Iago Pazos. Depor B improved a lot in the final minutes of the first half, mainly with Lemos attacking from the left flank, it was him who completed the only shot on target for his team in this game, but it was too easy for LLoves (39’).

Things didn’t change too much for the second part; the match was balanced, but no one find the way to capitalize the uncertainty. The locals had the ball possession, but they only created danger in a few opportunities; meanwhile Fabril lost the freshness of the counterattack and was no longer stepping into the rival’s side of the field.

Devesa didn’t see things clear and order the entry of Adrian Martinez for Álex Pérez, the move sent Lemos to the right wing and switched the draw into a 4-3-2-1. Curiously the team struggled after this defensive modification as the next ten minutes were the toughest ones for Depor B.

At minute 58, a series of rebounds allowed Tubo and Richi to fire from inside the box, but their attempts were blocked, in the next play, Marc Martinez failed at the moment of clearing a corner-kick, luckily the rival didn’t find the loose ball. The clearest chance in the game for Pontevedra came at minute 61, Jacobo threw a corner-kick and defender Pablo González headed the ball downwards, it hit the left post of Marc Martinez and the ball was later cleared by the goalie.

At that point Santi Dominguez had already entered into the game, but his team never grew up and ended diluted between the deadlock of Fabril and the constant interruptions in the game due to the fouls that were committed. As result the locals didn’t create any other clear opportunity within the final twenty-five minutes.

Suddenly, Fabril had its best chance in the game. Romay started a counterattack and assisted Lemos on the left, the attacker drilled the ball into the box, just into the path of Luis, but a defender made the clearance. The loose ball returned into the path of Romay, but the playmaker sent the ball wide from the right corner of the box.

Then Teles was replaced by Víctor Diaz and referee Jiménez Alberte got involved in the action after he didn’t want to whistle a clear penalty for Pontevedra after Iván Garrido hit Jacobo inside the area. The game ended after Cano entered in order to replace Luis.

Deportivo B ended the first round in liga with a grey display at Pasarón; both sides missed consistency and only created a few scoring opportunities. Still, it is a great result visiting a direct rival. Fabril reach the middle of the tournament lying at the 4th position; fourteen points under leaders Racing Ferrol, three points below Celta B & SD Compostela, and three points above fifth place UD Somozas. Next weekend Deportivo B begin the second round with the derby visiting Celta B.

Comments of Devesa: ”We’ve to recognize that this point is very positive, but I must admit that I’m feeling disappointed with the game that we practiced, just like my players. We don’t even were a shadow of the team that we want. Pontevedra pressed a lot and we didn’t find solutions. I believe we only completed one shot on target in the entire game, and that’s too little. We didn’t have the ball and it’s impossible to do more without it.”

Pontevedra: (4-4-2) Lloves – Adrián Gómez, Caco, Pablo, Nano - Cristóbal Juncal, Iago Paz, Moisés Pereiro, Jacobo – Tubo, Richi.
Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Marc Martínez – Iván Garrido, Róber, Insua, Ángel – Sidibé, Teles (Víctor Díaz 79’) – Lemos, Romay, Álex Pérez (Adrián Martínez 54’) – Luis (Cano (90+1’)
Referee: Jiménez Alberte. He showed yellow card to Nano (56’), Pablo (73’), Jacobo (78’); Insua (17’), Teles (43’), Romay (65’), and Marc Martinez (86’).
Venue: Estadio Municipal de Pasarón (1,000).




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