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10 Jan 2013
Domingos has turned to be a detail-oriented coach that likes to emphasize the defensive tasks during the trainings. He also tests the starting lineups during the sessions, sometimes even more than once.

“Every coach has his own book” It’s a common phrase in the world of football, so it shouldn’t be surprising to notice the differences between former coach José Luis Oltra and new boss Domingos Paciência. Still, it’s interesting to compare both styles, mainly what both coaches do during the training sessions.

First to all, once in the week Domingos likes to have a training session behind closed doors, while Oltra barely asked for it. Then the duration of the sessions, with Oltra the training lasted 90 minutes or less, with Paciência it could take two hours and he always schedule a double session for one day in the week and never gives a free day, but this could be temporal as he’s trying to transmit his concepts to the players as soon as possible.

The biggest differences are noticed in what the players do during the training sessions; Oltra never worked the details of the game and never tested a formation for the matches, while this is the base of the training with Domingos. Depor’s new coach often divides the team in groups: defenders, midfielders and strikers.

Then, he and his two assistants, José Miguel Cardoso & João Carlos Costa, work with these three groups and insist in every detail of their functions synchronizing their movements. It’s here when is possible to notice the formations that are tested for the games, because the “starters” are wearing a vest and play in front of the “substitutes”.

And these aren’t closed groups as there are exchanges of players, which allow them to work different aspects of the game. Example is what happened on Tuesday: Álex Bergantiños began working with the group of midfielders, located in one of the fields at Abegondo, and later he joined the group of the defenders in another field, in this way he can train the attachment to the defensive line.

The fact that Domingos tests a lineup –sometimes two or three- during the trainings it doesn’t mean that he’s revealing his plans; actually last week he tested three different formations during the public trainings and it turns out that he surprised everyone with the appearance of André Santos as a starter, a formation that he only tested in the session behind closed doors at the Riazor, so there’s still room for surprises.

More differences show up during the games, so far Depor has only played one match with Paciência aboard, but the style is clear. The new coach asks his players for a more complete display, which means to cover more territory on the field and bring aids to the defensive tasks of the team.

 It doesn’t mean a more defensive strategy compare to Oltra, only that a solid block at the back is the base of Domingos’ team, which in the end is a trademark of Domingos. It still to be seen if this new style will be enough to achieve the goal of the season: the permanence.



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