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10 Jan 2013
There are seven side defenders and six centre midfielders at the first team of Deportivo. The overbooking is leading to see some exits. Tiago Pinto, Diego Seoane and Jesús Vázquez, Saul Fernández are the main candidates to leave.

The arrival of Assunção raised the number of players at Deportivo’s first squad to 27, and the overbooking at some position is pretty clear. The first position marked in red is located at the sides of the defense.

Currently there are seven side defenders at Domingos’ team, four are right-backs: Manuel Pablo, Laure, Diego Seoane and Sílvio, while the other three are left-backs: Tiago Pinto, Ayoze Diaz and Evaldo Fabiano.  Similar is the scenario at midfield as there are six players for the pivote positions: Jesús Vázquez, André Santos, Álex Bergantiños, Juan Dominguez, Paulo Assunção and Abel Aguilar.

As result of this situation some players are barely performing on this season, as example Tiago Pinto, who has only disputed 90 minutes on the liga campaign. Something similar happens at other positions, as example the right wing, place where Saúl Fernandez hasn’t played yet in la liga. He, Diego Seoane and Jesús Vázquez are the only three players at the squad that still pending to debut in the liga campaign, all of this with only one match remaining to reach the midpoint of the season.

So, it isn’t strange to realize that the club is trying to find an exit for these players without minutes; president Lendoiro said during the presentation of Assunção that he’s expecting to see two players leaving during the winter window. The main candidates to leave are Tiago Pinto, who has been approached by Segunda club Racing Santander, plus the three players without minutes: Jesús Vázquez, Seoane and Saúl.



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