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14 Jan 2013
Depor rescued a point from Anoeta after playing with ten men for the final twenty-seven minutes. Domingos’ team looked solid at defense. It just missed more aim and luck at the final meters. The Galicians in relegation at the end of the first round.

In the end Domingos Paciência chose Jesús Vázquez as one of the three midfielders for the game. Aranzubia was the starting goalie, Manuel Pablo played at the right side of the defense, Evaldo was at the left, while Ze Castro was completing his official game number 100 at the club joining Marchena at the centre.

Álex Bergantiños and André Santos were joining Jesús Vázquez at midfield, Bruno Gama attacked from the right wing, Pizzi played at the left flank and Riki was the central attacker.

At Real Sociedad, coach Philippe Montanier presented the expected lineup with the only novelty of Rubén Pardo playing at midfield. Carlos Vela, Xabi Prieto, Griezmann and Agirretxe were the main references up front. It was raining a lot throughout the game, there was a low attendance at Anoeta; around 100 Depor’s fans were there.

Solid first part of Deportivo at Anoeta. The Blanquiazul outfit was pretty strong at defense and sharp on the counterattack; in this way it conquered the advantage on the scoresheet, unfortunately a couple of errors were committed during the final minutes, and one of them meant the equalizer.

The first approximation of Depor was a header of Ze Castro in a corner-kick action that missed the target (3’). One minute later Riki made the first short on target in this match, but it was an easy catch for local goalie Claudio Bravo.

The first approximation of Real Sociedad almost meant the first goal in the game after a mistake of Aranzubia, a cross from the left was poorly cleared by the keeper, luckily the drilling attempt of
De La Bella just went close to the left post (10’). Three minutes later Carlos Martinez headed over the crossbar a corner-kick coming from the left.

Depor responded with a corner-kick in which André Santos ended shooting from the edge of the area, the ball hit a rival and went close to the far post of Bravo (16’). One minute later Riki attempted from the left side of the area, but his shot was saved by the Chilean goalie.

Real Sociedad was having the ball possession, it created some problems to Aranzubia, but it barely had opportunities to score; actually they completed a shot on target until the final minute of the first part. Deportivo, meanwhile, were looking dangerous in the counterattack, especially each time that Pizzi and Bruno Gama were combining, but Domingos’ team missed more depth and some good luck. Riki also brought danger, like in the play in which he dribbled a rival on the left to end firing a shot that was cleared by a rival (21’)

And the first goal arrived in an error of Real Sociedad in the output of the ball, Elustondo made a bad pass and Álex Bergantiños took advantage of it to steal the ball and assist Pizzi with a perfect and drilling pass, then the Portuguese winger chipped the ball over Bravo to score his sixth goal in liga.

At minute 33, there was a double header action inside Depor’s area after a corner-kick coming from the left. Agirretxe made the second header at the near post of Aranzubia and the ball hit the post. Five minutes later Evaldo lost the ball before the pressure of Griezmann and the final cross of Xabi Prieto was cleared by Aranzubia to corner-kick.

The whole defense of Depor looked solid during this game, but the exception was Evaldo; the Brazilian was out of place in several opportunities, and he was going to be a factor in the play of the equalizer and also in the second half.

Real Sociedad improved for the final minutes, still André Santos was close to reply with a long-distance shot that Bravo barely cleared (42’). It seemed that Depor was going to reach the half-time mark with the advantage on the scoresheet, but the locals scored at the last minute in their only shot on target in this half.

It was a throw-in at the left side in which Evaldo got distracted, Carlos Vela got the ball and found the crack to enter the area, elude Ze Castro to end releasing a crossed and perfect shot past Aranzubia. A new game had begun.

Real Sociedad opened the field for the second part and Deportivo had more problems, but still it was a solid block that kept the draw. The point is more valuable taking in mind that the Galicians played with ten men for the final twenty-seven minutes after a doubtful expulsion.

The second part began with an error of Jesús Vázquez that ended with Xabi Prieto sending a dangerous cross from the right that was cleared by the defense (46’), in the next play Bruno Gama released a strong shot from the right corner of the area and the ball was cleared by Bravo.

Real Sociedad was more sharp in this half, giving more problems to Depor, mainly because they opened the field attacking from the sides, with Vela bringing a lot of problems to Evaldo. At the same time the Galicians were still looking dangerous in the counterattack, as always with Bruno Gama and Pizzi as the daggers at Domingos’ team.

The first substitution in the game meant the debut of Paulo Assunção as he replaced Jesús Vázquez. The Andalusian committed some errors and Domingos preferred to cover the gaps. The Brazilian left a positive impression, making six steals within the 30 minutes that he spent on the pitch.

At minute 58, André Santos lead a counterattack in which he eluded three rivals and ended assisting Pizzi, who fired from the box, but Bravo made the save. Midfield territory turned to be an open road for both sides, firstly because of the heavy rain, and later for the style of both teams.  Depor were still playing on the counterattack, and Real Sociedad began to look desperate and sought for the direct game.

The second modification was the entry of Nélson Oliveira replacing Riki. The Madrilenian lowered his performance in the second part; the entry of the Portuguese striker didn’t change things, though he made a wonderful play at the end that could mean the final victory.

Depor started to face big problems after minute 50, there were several yellow cards, including two for Evaldo in a matter of fifteen minutes, the second was doubtful after the Brazilian jumping for a loose ball before Xabi Prieto. Immediately, Domingos ordered the entry of Silvio Azevedo replacing André Santos. He was also debuting with Depor.

The Brazilian made a nice game; he looked solid covering the left side of the defense and even joined the attacks of the team. Still, Depor lost more presence up front with the exit of André Santos, now Pizzi and Bruno Gama were alone and the attacks of the visitors were more scarce.

Then Real Sociedad missed a great opportunity to claim the lead. A cross from the left was found by Griezmann at the far post; The Frenchman attempted a spectacular volley, but he sent the ball to the stands (67’). Montanier knew that things were favourable for his side and allowed the entry of a more offensive player, ’Chory’ Castro, this in order to replace a centre midfielder, Pardo. But his team was still missing fresh ideas up front.

The second shot of target for the Basques came until minute 75, it was a corner-kick action that ended with Griezmann firing from the edge of the area, but Aranzubia made a great save. Five minutes later, Vela attempted a volley from the left that passed over the crossbar. Depor suffered within the final fifteen minutes, but it was more for the physiological effect of been playing with ten men than for the insistence of Real Sociedad, after all the locals only made three shots on target in the whole match.

Actually, it was Deportivo the side that was closer to score within the final minutes; firstly with a combination between Oliveira and Silvio that ended with the Portuguese side defender on the ground and with the ball cleared by the defense (88’). And the big chance came at the last minute, Oliveira made an incredible play at the right wing, eluding two rivals and then assisting Paulo Assunção, who passed the ball back to the striker, and he fired a strong shot that hit Ansotegui, the ball turned into a volley that almost surprised Bravo.

Positive result for a serious Deportivo. The Galicians were solid at the back and only committed a few mistakes. Pizzi claimed the lead and a distraction at the last minute of the first part cost the equalizer. In the second part the expulsion of Evaldo changed the game, though Depor was able to keep the draw.

Depor have added four of the last six points in dispute, but the Galicians are ending the first round in relegation, lying at the 19th position, though things are tight at the bottom of the standings. And it’s that only three points are separating the last six spots at the table. Deportivo begin the second round visiting CA Osasuna on next Sunday (12h00 CET)

Real Sociedad: (4-2-3-1) Bravo – Martínez, Elustondo, Ansotegi, De La Bella – Pardo (‘Chory’ Castro 69’), Illarramendi – Vela, Xabi Prieto, Griezmann – Agirretxe (Ifrán 77’).
Deportivo: (4-3-3) Aranzubia – Manuel Pablo, Marchena, Ze Castro, Evaldo – Álex Bergantiños, André Santos (Sílvio 65’), Jesús Vázquez (Assunção 55’) – Bruno Gama, Riki (Oliveira 62’), Pizzi.
Goals: 0-1: (26’) Pizzi, 1-1: (44’) Vela
Referee: Carlos Del Cerro Grande. He showed yellow card to Illarramendi (53’), Manuel Pablo (55’), Assunção (63’), Ansotegui (66’) Ze Castro (70’) & ‘Chory’ Castro (84’). Evaldo was sent off with two yellow cards (50’ & 63’)
Venue: Anoeta (22,428)
Other statistics: Ball possession (56% - 44%); Attempts to score (5 – 8); Total shots (12 - 20); Shots on target (3 - 7); Saves by the keepers (6 - 1); Corner-kicks  (8 - 4); Offsides (8 - 2); Fouls committed (10 - 14); Passing accuracy (80.72% - 71.09%)




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