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15 Jan 2013
Domingos didnít clinch a second straight victory, but the papers liked the performance of his Deportivo at Anoeta. The expulsion of Evaldo was understood as the key of the game and the defensive work was praised by the media.

Deporte Campeůn: Deportivo took a creditable draw in one of the toughest fields of la liga. Pacienciaís men had to work hard at defense after the expulsion of Evaldo, who completed a too soft game for the requirements of the team at this moment. Until the expulsion the visiting team left the impression that it could have won, but to remain with ten conditioned the draw and forced the coach to 'tie' a point.

The Galician outfit defended until the end, with teeth and nails. It hardly attacked after the expulsion and clinched a meritorious draw, under the circumstances, a result that places the team 'on average' in recent games. Now, to Pamplona. One more battle in this tough war. Alberto Torres

La Voz de Galicia: Deportivo drew with Real Sociedad and takes a step forward in their recovery. With their restored version, Deportivo snatched a point from Anoeta, and despite remaining winless away from the Riazor, it was competitive until the body endured. Real Sociedad tried and failed before the new Depor of Domingos PaciÍncia, side that endured the 1-1 despite been reduced to ten men half an hour before the end, this due to the expulsion of the reckless Evaldo. Pizzi claimed the lead after a bright action of Ńlex BergantiŮos, but Vela's goal at the edge of half-time was an excessive punishment for a Depor that didnít have the strength to create danger in the second half. But the team chains two positive results for the first time since early November and reached the decisive match against Osasuna in Pamplona on an ascending line.

Deportivo savored the taste of satisfaction that leaves a job well done in the first half. Their new tactical draw was displayed with solvency and attacked with delight before a surprised Real Sociedad; nevertheless it went to halftime with an undeserved draw. The locals did it through the individual quality of Vela and the connivance of the left flank at Deporís defense, place where Evaldo still not trusted. Previously the team of Domingos PaciÍncia had shown their new weapons: intensive retreat, hardworking spirit at midfield and glare in attack. Miguel PiŮeiro

La Opiniůn A CoruŮa:  One more point of strength. This Deportivo no longer allow goals so easily, it was capable of standing half an hour at Anoeta playing outnumbered against a rival. The expulsion of Evaldo at the 64í shattered the illusions of the Galician team after a first half in which it did enough to deserve the advantage by halftime. It was avoided by Vela just before halftime by leveraging one of the few defensive mismatches committed by Domingosí team. Before, Pizzi had opened the scoresheet with a great goal, the sixth in his private account, the result of a recovered ball from Ńlex at the edge of the area. At the end, a point for Depor. Insufficient to leave the drop zone, but valuable to confirm the solid defense pursued with the new coach.

He has converted the team into a more compact block, less vulnerable and, above all, a team that plays more together. They all work together, as one man, both to attack and defend. Offensive joys, just a few. Cracks at defense, just a few. Minimum risks. The teams fighting for salvation live of this: to arm well at the back and go out with determination and speed whenever the opportunity arises. Depor tried to do it yesterday, always tidy and with many people around the ball to stifle the ideas of Real. The Basques, soft at the back, allowed too much and the Galician team seized the opportunity to surround the area of Bravo with increasing insistence. Eugenio Cobas.

Marca Real lacks patience. Real Sociedad didnít have what Deportivo had on the bench. The 'txuri-urdin' lacked the patience of Domingos and had to settle for a single point despite playing almost half an hour with one more man. Real was unable to break a tie that the Galician team earned based in order and hard work.

We donít talk of patience as a game of words; it was exactly what Real Sociedad missed. Evaldo was sent off at minute 64 and the locals didnít stop to think. They had plenty of time to take the match, but were too rushed. Every play seemed to be the last attack. Montanierís men didnít have the required tranquility and Deportivo thanked for it, gathering the lines and closing the gaps, they didnít suffer to keep a deserved point.

Depor never felt uncomfortable in Anoeta. They knew what they did all the time, looking in the mirror and recognizing their weapons to stay at Primera. It was reflected on the pitch and in a game that never went out of their hands. Real, meanwhile, had the ball possession, but that means nothing. With Illarramendi more worried in helping Ansotegi and Elustrando, the emergency centre-backs it was hard for them to create problems to Deportivo, side that waited and lived from the rivalís error. In this way they claimed the lead.
Domingos appealed to Silvio and AssunÁ„o, debutants, and they matched the expectations at the defensive line of Deportivo, side that didnít have too many complications to meet the target. The expulsion was even wrong for Real, because they were too hurried, bad adviser, and didnít achieve anything else than a draw. Football matches last much longer than it seems. DelfŪn Melero

El Pais Real donít walk in the rain. With rain in the background, Anoeta watched a game more entertaining than watery. Ups and downs diluted by a liquid curtain, which, however, presented the offensive possibilities of both teams. Only unbalanced with the expulsion of Evaldo at Deportivo, although Real were unable to use it in their favor.

It was a compendium between two teams not so different at the moment of attacking. On one hand, Real like the harmonious game, with more intermediaries, while Deportivo use solos and lonely runs. They have capable players to alter the pace. Pizzi was a shrill whenever he received the ball. Sometimes tightening the same key, but almost always scratching different scores.

Seeing the swell, Montanier decided to open the field and tried to face the problems with much more perspective, something that was allowed after the expulsion of Evaldo, a setback that delayed the mood of the Galicians. More for work than for will Real attacked during the rain, but the pool was deeper than it seemed. Deportivo were locked at their side of the pitch; they defended forgetting the long runs and reduced the distance between the lines. The Basques got drowned looking for ways to skirt the Galician defense despite the double shower. A Resistance that never felt surpassed and that knew how to stay afloat. Gorka Pťrez

Diario Vasco: Much heart, little head. Real didnít know how to win against last-place Deportivo after playing the last half an hour with one less player due to the expulsion of Evaldo, so the slope of January is even more difficult now after only adding a point within the last two matchdays and pending of the visit of Barcelona on Saturday. Real never felt comfortable in the game. They didnít enter in the best way into the match and they couldnít translate their ball possession into clear situations to score. When a meeting is accelerated itís necessary to use the head and this time there was too much heart and was missing a light to pause the crazy offensive moves

It missed pause to mature the attack. The script changed at the 63rd minute with the expulsion of Evaldo, he saw two yellow cards in a matter of minutes, which put on a plate the victory for Real. But then it came the rush and direct game, the worst to topple a rival with a good defensive system, thanks to the generosity of their midfielders Deportivo always found defensive superiority at the sides. The antidote lay in changing the orientation of the game to find room on the opposite side of the attack, which turned into long possessions making difficult for the rival to steal the ball and go out on the counterattack. But not, if the play was decanted by one of the sides then it ended there, which made easier the work of a defense shielded by Marchena and Ze Castro. Itís hard for Montanierís team to attack defensive lines heavily armed with two blocks like Osasuna, Levante, Mallorca or this Depor, and it was evident. Miguel Gůnzalez



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