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17 Jan 2013
Special day in the history of Deportivo as, 25 years ago, Fran debuted at the first team during a Segunda match. At the time nobody thought that he was going to be a symbol at the club and the player with more official matches.

January 17, 1988; Deportivo was playing at home against Real Burgos as part of matchday 19 at the Segunda División 1987/88. Things were twisted at that time for Depor, coach Rodriguez Vaz was under fire as his team was struggling to survive in the league, to make things worse he had several casualties due to the injuries and was facing a direct rival.

So, he decided to pick up some players from Fabril, among them a midfielder, Francisco Javier González ‘Fran’ -the media at the time called him Franch- to play alongside his brother, Jose Ramón, who had debuted the year before. Fran was a starter and played for 71 minutes debuting at the first team on that Sunday’s afternoon.

The 7,000 fans at the Riazor never thought they were witnessing an historic event; actually they were pretty upset with the poor performance of a team without ideas that ended losing 0-1. The performance of the Galicians was so terrible that Sportpaper Mundo Deportivo even described Deportivo as a “bunch of friends fulfilling a tradition like playing football in a Sunday afternoon.”

The president at the time was Andrés Garcia Yañez, and he felt so sick that he had to be treated by a doctor at the stadium. He left Deportivo some months later, so did Rodriguez Vaz. Arsenio Iglesias landed at Deportivo and a few months later it was Lendoiro who assume the presidency of the club.

Twenty-five years later the club is celebrating the debut of one of the symbols during the golden age of Deportivo, a man that was going to become into the player with more official matches in the history of the club. A dream come true that not even “O Neno” could have imagined.




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