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18 Jan 2013
The second round starts this weekend and with it the hopes of many players, among them Portuguese striker Oliveira, who didn’t have the privilege of been a starter in the first round. Nevertheless he’s calmed and waiting for that chance.

Nélson Oliveira arrived during the summer after been chased by Depor for a while, many saw a great talent in him during the first matchday as he scored a great goal against CA Osasuna, but for two reasons he has been unable to explode his virtues in la liga.

First to all, coaches Oltra and Paciência have preferred the option of Riki, who has been the starting choice at the centre of the attack during the nineteen matches of the first round scoring six goals in the process. And with the team always playing with a scheme only using one striker, then the role of Nélson has been reduced to be a mere substitute.

The other reason why Oliveira couldn’t continue with his progression was an inopportune injury; during the liga match against RCD Mallorca (Nov 4) he sustained a grade II strain on the Iliopsoas muscle of his left thigh, an injury that sidelined him until the end of December. In the end he only performed for 412 minutes in the first round and, together with Bodipo, were the only men that played in this first part of the season, but without been starters.

Now, Oliveira wants to change things in the second round of the tournament, starting with the visit to Osasuna, a rival that should be a sweet memory to him as it meant his first goal in Spain. He was interviewed by Marcos Otero from newspaper La Opinión A Coruña and commented that he’s ready for the challenge, “I’m feeling fine and the best thing is that the team is better now. We haven’t lost within the last two games and we added four points. We’re fine and, personally, I’m fine too.”

But he’s also aware that Riki is the undisputed starter for Paciência, still he isn’t losing the calm “I know that a very good striker is playing in my position. He (Riki) is a good player and it isn’t easy play on here, but I’m working on that. Whoever is in the best shape, with this coach, will be the one playing. I can only fight in order to be better and do it. I am not disappointed; I’m only 21.” He said.

Nélson knows that the first thing to do is to work hard during the training practices and later the coach is the one who should make the call regarding who should be the starter, “I’ve to work hard in order to play, later the coach will decide if I must play alongside Riki, if I should play alone or if I should stay on the sidelines.”

Finally, he commented that a change can be noticed after the arrival of new boss Domingos Paciência, “I liked Oltra and I also like Paciência. He arrived and you can already notice a difference, because we play more together, the team is more aggressive and we’re more focused. We’re doing the right things and I like to work with him.”



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