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23 Jul 2006
Alvaro Arbeloa is waiting to confirm his incorporation to Deportivo during the next hours. The Madrilian defender knows that he won't have too many chances in Real Madrid and for that reason he is asking for an exit. The loan spell of Soldado to Osasuna could be the signal that marks his exit from the Madrilian club.

Alvaro Arbeloa knows that he won't have too many chances in Real Madrid's first squad, a fact that he explained to the reporters: "I believe that it's time to make the jump. It's time to look behind Real Madrid because in this club, the youngsters don't have the chance to play in the first squad. And a new year in (Real Madrid) Castilla isn't in my plans."

For this reason, the 23-year-old defender is hopeful to fulfil his exit to Deportivo: "When you don�t have a spot in the squad, and when you have to leave Real Madrid, to have an offer coming from one of the big clubs (Deportivo) is a dream come true. I don't want to live the same situation as Pav�n and Mej�a, they showed every season that they have faculties to play here, but they never have a chance to perform with regularity."

The arrival of Arbeloa to Deportivo will be possibly thanks to a deal between Real Madrid and the Galician club, one that's very similar to the cases with Rodri and Cristian. This mean that Arbeloa will come for free and as exchange, the Madrilian club will enjoy a buyout option in order to resign the youngster in the future. It was expected that new coach Fabio Capello would announce the list of discards at the beginning of August, but the exit of Soldado to Osasuna (loan spell for one season) could accelerate other exits like the case of Arbeloa.

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