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25 Jan 2013
Paulo Assunção gave an interview to Sportpaper Deporte Campeón; he admits that Deportivo committed errors in the past game against Osasuna and is now convinced that the Galician team must give his first effort before Valencia.

Q: How are you after your first two weeks at the club?
A: Well, I have arrived for the last two games and I'm feeling very good, I think we’ve many good players in this team. We can surpass this situation, starting on Saturday against Valencia, we play in front of our fans and I think we’ll make a great game to get the victory.

Q: On the past Sunday you lived an unexpected setback in Pamplona...
A: Yes, the true is that I have already played several times with Atlético Madrid at the stadium and is always very hard, there are a lot of things... Our team wasn’t fine in the first half; we didn’t enter into the game as we expected. In the second half we played better, but we conceded after an error. The first was offside and we were losing 2-0. We should have added points and now we’ve a great chance at home and we must get the three points.

Q: Was so lethal the error of the referee?
A: Things were complicated for us, we are in a danger zone and cannot make mistakes so serious like that one.

Q: How did you feel in your first game as a starter?
A:  Fine, I felt fine, because it has been a while since I wasn’t active and was willing to play again. I was training hard and I think I'm ready to keep playing.

Q: The next rival is Valencia, though rival living in low hours...
A: In Copa they had a tough series facing Real Madrid; they’re a great team and have our respect. The other day I saw for a while the game they lost 0-5 against Real Madrid, but we know they have good players and we cannot to make the same mistakes if we want to leave the drop zone. In front of our fans we’ll try our best to beat them, because we need the points.

Q: Would we see a different intensity compared to Pamplona?
A: Yes, of course, at least we must run a lot and collide against the rival. From there we all have our quality on the field, but everyone has to offer their best effort, giving everything on the field.



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