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26 Jan 2013
Depor’s coach admitted that to save the team from relegation is the biggest challenge on his career, while Valencia’s trainer isn’t worried for not having enough rest to prepare the game, neither for been missing Roberto Soldado.

Ernesto Valverde Tejedo is an ex-player that made his career in the 1980’s and the 1990’s performing for several clubs, including a stage at FC Barcelona (1988-90). In 2003 Txingurri [the ant] began his career as a coach. After spending two years at Athletic Bilbao’s first team he signed for RCD Espanyol ahead of the season 2006/07.

In his second year at the club he put Los Periquitos in the final of the UEFA Cup, only losing in the penalty shootout. Then the Cáceres-born coach signed for Greek side Olympiacos FC clinching two titles there, but he left the club by the back door and returned to Spain signing for Villarreal CF ahead of the campaign 2009/10. It wasn’t a good experience as he only lasted twenty liga matches in the job.

He returned to Olympiacos FC and clinched two more league championships plus a Copa title. He left on the past summer and was called as an emergency backup for Valencia CF after a disastrous run with former coach Mauricio Pellegrino. He has had a positive impact at Valencia as the team as has clinched 4 wins in the 6 liga matches under his command, though he’s arriving after been eliminated in Copa facing Real Madrid and after an humiliating 0-5 loss at home against Los Blancos. This is his first meeting against Domingos Paciência, who just suffered his first loss in Spain.

Depor’s coach already won his previous match at the Riazor (1-0 Vs. Malaga) and is known for having solid results when his teams play at home. And that’s Domingos only lost 10 of the 79 home meetings in the Portuguese league, which included an undefeated season at home with SC Braga (campaign 2009/10).

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Thursday; he talked with reporters for eighteen minutes. He started explaining the status of the players dragging physical problems, the first one is Pizzi, “He has a back problem, but I expect that he will be fit for the game; let’s see how is he tomorrow. Today, he was still having some issues. We’ll see.”

Then, the cases of Riki and Abel Aguilar, “He [Riki] is better from the ankle problem, but Abel is a little delayed. Having a muscle problem means to loss some confidence, so he [Abel] needs time. We’ll see how he is tomorrow and if he will be part of the list for the match.” What he clarified is that nobody will be risked if they aren’t 100% ready, “I am not taking risks, because I won’t use one of the three changes in the game just for this issue, surely if Riki is at 100% then he’ll tell me and then we’ll see what happens. “

Since there’s the possibility that Nélson Oliveira will be a starter, a journalist asked about the chances missed against Osasuna, and Domingos said that, “Logically, Nélson had two great chances in that game and it’s the thing to notice, but in the first half we also had three clear chances for Riki. I don’t want to talk of the last game, because there were a lot of things that weren’t right. I was watching the kick to Manuel Pablo’s chest and it’s impressive. I was watching the Copa games of Mallorca and Real Madrid and for less serious fouls there were red cards. I just say that nothing went right on that game. You ask for Nélson and I tell you that nothing worked out in that match.”

There were several inquiries regarding the disappointing performance of the team facing Osasuna, about the issue he commented that, “We must learn from our errors, that’s true. What happened to us in the second goal is something that doesn’t happen to me since some years ago, so it’s normal to see us a little sad after the defeat. We were sad for the way we allowed the second goal and for our errors and the ones of the referee. I want’ to forget it and focus in the upcoming match against Valencia, because we need to do a lot of things.”

About the rival, the Portuguese tactician commented that, “We need to have the same confidence of the past game at home. The team needs to feel that it can win. It’s an important game for us and also for them. We need to know how to face them. We need to score more goals than them and the plan is to do the right things. We need to be focused in order to face a great team. They are a team with great quality and great players, plus a good pace. Yesterday they played in one way, but it will be different on here as there are three points at stake.”

Then there was a question related to the possibility of playing with two attackers, and he ruled out the option, at least at the starting formation, “Riki is different and Pizzi as played there too, right now we need a reference. Riki hasn’t been bad, just that everybody looks bad when the team plays badly. We will see how the match goes, it could be a decision during the game, but we aren’t planning to play like that from the start.”

Asked about the situation at the transfer market and the pending arrival of a new centre back, Domingos said that, “It’s difficult and with the situation with the money then it’s worse. We must have confidence in the two centre backs that we have, Aythami and Ze Castro, and let’s wait what could happen. I just can see the qualities of the player that we want and say yes or no, then the other party should be the one trying to sign him. We’re making everything possible in order to fulfill it. We just arrived to the conclusion that we need four players for the position. We still have time until January 31.”

“I have watched a few players that are currently playing at other clubs and that are also at the door out. They were recommended and let’s see what the club can get. Still, we haven’t contacted anybody. Not only in Portugal; we´re also watching players in Germany, Sweden… several countries… Russia… to see what can interest us. I am looking at the players that could interest us, but later the club sees the financial situation.” He added.

Returning to the past game against Osasuna, he insisted that his team didn’t do the right things, “They all have the knowledge that they haven’t done things as they should, so do I. We all should be conscious that we need to improve and fix things in order to win the next game. I am the one that plans the games and also need to change some things. Valencia is different to Osasuna.”

A reporter asked about the possibility of playing with three centre-backs as the team is allowing too many goals, but h denied the possibility, “I already played with three centre-backs, it was at other clubs; it depends on how the game is. Now, to use it as a system for the whole season? Definitely no, but as an alternative for a specific match, yes; there’s a difference with that. Only a few teams are playing like this, maybe in Italy.”

Sílvio was one of the most criticized players in the past clash against Osasuna, but Depor’s coach is planning to keep him at the starting formation, “Sílvio has a lot of experience playing on that position, Ayoze is just coming back and I felt that he wasn’t fine as he has been out for a while. Silvio surely wasn’t fine at Osasuna, but surely will improve. Neither I can be thinking in dropping the players that had a bad match, because in that case I would have to throw more [he laughed], unfortunately we didn’t’ do what we wanted as a team.”

Finally, Paciência admitted that to save Deportivo from Segunda is the biggest challenge in his career as a coach, “Yes. I recognize it. I knew when they invited me to come here that it was going to be the hardest challenge in my career. Because, a team lying at the bottom after the first round, it means a great challenge to me. I already said that we will do anything possible in order to achieve this big challenge.”

Valencia’s coach addressed the media on Friday’s morning; he firstly talked of Deportivo and new boss Domingos Paciência, “We play against a rival that will mean a tough task for us, it will be difficult. They have changed the coach… we must have it in mind. It’s too soon to know if Depor have changed a lot with the new coach, there were many games in which they were unlucky.”

“With Oltra they played an offensive game, now they have changed, and what I have seen so far is that they are strong at defence and from there they base their game. We are conscious of the importance of this meeting; I won’t deny that we would have preferred to play on Sunday. I am worried, because this is an important game, and also because we need to start adding points in the second round; surely their fans will be supporting them.” He added.

The Valencians are only resting three days before the game against Depor and still they have to make the trip to A Coruña, but the ex-Villarreal coach wasn’t worried of this, “To have a margin in order to train is always good; what isn’t good is to lose in Copa, because the competition brings hope; I regret that, more than having less time to prepare the game.”

Txingurri offered his press conference before the last training of the team, so he didn’t know for sure if Soldado was going to be picked for the game, but assured to have enough alternatives in the squad, “We have an important striker at the team as Soldado, who sometimes marks the style of the team, but we have alternatives. If he isn’t on then Jonas can score some goals, Valdes can score goals, fight with the defenders… but I won’t deny that it’s hard for us.”

Fernando Gago, who has been hardly criticized in recent days, isn’t part of the list for the game against Deportivo; regarding the issue the coach just stated that, “I spoke to Gago, but it won’t be ethical to reveal the details of a private conversation. It isn’t the right place. Gago is one more player at the team and let’s see if he will be part of the list for the game.”

About the presence of the youth players on the list of picked players, he commented that, “At any club where I have been I always relied in the youth players if it was necessary. The youth players will perform if it is with the intention of winning the games, which is the principle of football.”

Finally, Valverde was trying to obtain positive readings from the recent meetings with Real Madrid, “There are good things that could mean something after the games against Madrid; it’s just that other moments were fogging the rest. At the Bernabéu we did a great game, and if we would have been more effective, then we would have achieved a better result for the match at home.”



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