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05 Feb 2013
Among other things coach Domingos Paciência is concerned as his team has suffered four expulsions within the last four liga matches; the last time something similar occurred was on the season 1992/93; the campaign that marked the birth of the Super Depor.

Dark days for Deportivo; the painful loss visiting Getafe CF meant the third straight defeat with new coach Domingos Paciência and to see the team staying at the bottom of the standings, five points below the safety and with several problems in the quest for the permanence.

One of the main concerns for the Portuguese coach is the disciplinary aspect, and it’s that his team has been unable to end three of the last four games with eleven players on the pitch. Depor have suffered four expulsions in the period and it complicated the options of winning those encounters, just when Domingos needed a focused team searching the three points.

It all started in the visit to Real Sociedad (matchday 19); Evaldo was sent off with two yellow cards (50’ & 63’) when the score was 1-1, the situation forced Depor to make a substitution and the team ended locked at the back zone in order to protect the point.

Sílvio Azevedo was the player that entered as the emergency solution in that game, and curiously it was him who has sent off two weeks later. The Portuguese man saw two yellow cards in the home match against Valencia (16’ & 52’), just when the score was 2-1 in favour of Deportivo.

Ten minutes after the exit of the Brazilian Los Ches scored the equalizer and ended scoring a winning goal at the last minute before a broken team, to make things worse Paulo Assunção was sent off in the stoppage time. The previous time Depor suffered two expulsions in one single liga game was on last season’s disastrous game at AD Alcorcón (0-4, Laure & Colotto).

And on last Saturday, Deportivo was having the numeric advantage visiting Getafe CF. The score was 1-1 and the Galicians were hoping to add the three points, but once again an expulsion changed the picture. This time Abel Aguilar was sent off with two yellow cards (20’ & 70’) and ten minutes later the Blanquiazul team allowed two quick goals to end suffering a new defeat.

So, Depor were grabbing at least one point in three of the last four liga games and the expulsions changed the tide of those encounters. In the end only one of the last twelve points in dispute where added and the expulsions were one of the factors that led to end suffering three straight losses, just when the team needs to add the points.

For this reason Domingos was pretty upset after the game against Getafe, as he told to reporters, , “It’s always the same. Today, against Valencia, in San Sebastián… we don’t find the way to end with a full squad. We must analyze both yellow cards shown to Abel and let’s see if there was a reason for been booked. I won’t say more.”

So far Deportivo have suffered six expulsions on the league season; the record at the club on this century was the one witnessed in the campaign 2006/07 as Caparrós´ team suffered 12 expulsions in liga. The four expulsions suffered within the last four liga clashes can only be matched with what was suffered on the season 1992/93, time when Arsenio Iglesias’ Deportivo suffered four red cards in three games.

It was the year that marked the birth of the ‘Super Depor’; a joyful period with some stains, one of them occurred within matchdays 24 &26, period when the team only added 1 of the 9 possible points. It started with a 1-2 loss visiting Real Madrid. In that match Depor was leading 1-0 with a goal scored by Claudio Barragán, but the striker was sent off at minute 50 with two yellow cards, five minutes later the Madrilenians equalized and scored the winner six minutes before the final whistle, and at the last minute defender Alberto Albistegi was sent off too.

In the following matchday, Deportivo was having a comfortable 2-0 win over CD Tenerife, but Antonio Doncel was sent off at minute 53 with two yellow cards and the team allowed two last-minute goals to end dropping the victory. And in matchday 26, Depor visited FC Barcelona and played the last 47 minutes with one less man after another defender, López Rekarte, was sent off with two yellow cards. The Galicians lost that game 0-3.

A similar situation occurred early on that same season as Depor suffered three red cards in two games; on matchday 05 (Oct 3, 1002) day marked in the calendar as the exact birthday of the ‘Super Depor’, Real Madrid was winning 0-2 at the Riazor, but the Galicians clinched the comeback despite suffering the expulsion of López Rekarte, one week later Arsenio´s team suffered two expulsions -Bebeto and Djukic- and lost the unbeaten condition on that season visiting CD Tenerife (1-3).



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