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06 Feb 2013
The frustration is evident among the fans after a disappointing season and the first signs of discomfort already showed up. On Monday’s training there were insults towards the players and the situation was tense at some point.

Big part of the fans already lost the patience before the poor presentations of Deportivo, it wasn’t a surprise to lose the last game at Getafe; what happens is that the circumstances of the defeat were so incredible that it fired the fury among the public. It was possible to feel the anger in the comments of people in the social networks and it was reported that some of the fans that traveled to Madrid for the game insulted the players when they were taking the bus off from the Alfonso Pérez coliseum.

And it wasn’t hard to imagine that something was going to happen during this week’s trainings and it did happen on Monday as the first team trained at Abegondo during the afternoon. Around 50 persons were witnessing the trainings and the point is that a small group of them were really angry and couldn’t restrain their need to insult the players. On the pitch coach Domingos Paciência was talking to the team’s captains (Riki, Valerón & Manuel Pablo)

The hardest part came when the players were heading into the changing room, some of them were insulted; like Laure, who heard the phrase ”Go back and work on the harbor.” There were also insults for Ze Castro, who was called a ”Clown” or ”Useless”.

Fans at Abegondo during Tuesday’s training
There was no response from the players and it was a member of the coaching staff who faced the fans. Keeper’s trainer José Sambade didn’t like what he witnessed and went directly into the stands reclaiming for their behavior to the few fans that were very upset. There was a verbal confrontation and the coach shouted ”You don’t bring the food to my dinner room, you won’t question my professionalism.” This after one of the fans insinuated that the players ate thanks to the socios.

Sambade discussing with the fans at the stands of Abegondo
Things were escalating and it was then when Carlos Marchena intervened, he and the club’s delegate, Juan Ángel Barros Botana, soothed the public and moved Sambade into the locker room. Manuel Pablo wasn’t verbally abused, but a fan asked him to ”recharge the batteries to all the players, because you don’t know how are we suffering.” The captain returned in silence into the locker room.

Later, Juan Carlos Valerón came out to the press room and sent a message to the fans, "It's complicate to come here and say something to the people, because the situation is tough and I understand that they are upset, but I will like them to understand the group; things have been tough on this year and we aren't going to surrender." He said.

One day later it was Álex Bergantiños who addressed the media, ”"Insults and aggressions are something that cannot be contemplated; I understand that it was only a small group and that people are angry, but they should understand that we are angrier. We are natural competitors and are losing each week. On the next game they should support us and, if at the end they aren’t content, then we will be at the centre of the field.”

Marchena calming the fans
The true is that only a small group of people were the ones insulting, and part of the public at Abegondo claimed against them for their behavior. Not all the fans think in the same way, there are others that are upset, but that still supporting the players. In this sense for Thursday’s training it’s scheduled a concentration during the training session in order to show their support to the players in this difficult time.

But on Tuesday the federation of peñas released a statement that was also criticizing the behavior of the players on this season. So, no one can deny that the “honeymoon” after clinching the promotion on last season is over and now there’s a disillusion and consequently an emotional rupture between the general opinion and the players at the first squad.



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