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09 Feb 2013
Depor’s coach confessed that he still looking for the perfect man for the playmaker’s r role while he underlines the importance of the victory. Granada’s manager is more concern in keeping the intensity of the last game.

Luis Lucas Alcaraz González is an Andalusian coach with a large list of clubs in his resume, he already coached Granada CF in the past; it was between the years 1995 & 1998; curiously there was an opportunity when he had to coach both, the B and the senior squad, in less than 24 hours, in was in 1995 when he was an emergency backup for sacked coach Rafael Alcaide Crespín.

But if Alcaraz is known in Spain is for his period at Recreativo de Huelva. He was the manager that promoted the Andalusian squad to Primera División for the season 2002/2003. After one year between the elite he was fired and later didn’t have any luck in their next clubs. Last year he was chosen as the coach of UD Almeria, team that was targeting the promotion back to Primera, but only lasted six months in the job.

He was signed by Greek club Aris in December of the past year and only lasted there two months as he resigned in order to get the job at Granada CF. The Andalusian club was tired of coach Anquela and Alcaraz landed on January 30; the latest 1-0 win over Real Madrid marked his debut in this second period. This is his first meeting against Domingos Paciência.

Deportivo are coming after suffering three straight league defeats; it’s the fourth time in the career of Domingos in which he suffered three liga losses in a row. It happened to him on the season 2004/05 when the Portuguese man was coaching Porto B, then on the campaign 2008/09 at Acádemica (losses against Beleneses, SL Benfica & FC Porto) and finally on the season 2010/11 (against Rio Ave, Beira Mar & Victoria Guimarães). The positive stat is that he always won the next game after these negative streaks.

Deportivo’s trainer addressed the media on Thursday’s noon; the press conference lasted fifteen minutes.  He started talking of the current situation after suffering three straight losses, “We all are conscious that this is a tough phase, because the points aren’t arriving. The importance of Saturday’s meeting is high, knowing that we all are committed in order to change the curse. We know that everyone is suffering. The only way to change this is to win the next game and start pulling up, that’s what we all want.”

“This is an important game at home before a rival coming after a moral boost, because they won the previous game. Now we play at home and if we want to achieve the permanence then we need to win this match. That’s why I say that this is an important game. It arrives in a moment when we are suffering and we want to change things.” He added.

Regarding the previous match against Getafe, the Portuguese trainer admitted that it was a poor presentation by Depor, but he also complained of the four red cards received within the last four clashes, “I’ve to recognize that it was the worst game since my arrival. If you take a look to the five games that I have been here, in three of them we were playing with ten men with thirty minutes remaining, and in another game we ended with nine.”

“So, in five games we only ended with eleven men in two opportunities, in two we were reduced to ten and once with nine and it isn’t easy to play like that. It truly explains what we are living. The players also feel hurt, because they sense that we’re close to win or tie a game. We don’t work for this, but truly we didn’t play well in the previous game, and we feel affected for it. I recognize that it was our worst game, everything was in favour and we didn’t clinch the result.” He added.

He tried to explain the reasons why Deportivo is having so much problems with players have been sent off, “It has to deal with the emotional aspect. There’s an emotional unbalance in the players and it makes them lack concentration. Let’s see if we can have that confidence now, the team needs to be focused on Saturday, it’s fundamental. Only then, when we give everything, we are going to win that game.”

He also understands the reasons why the fans are upset, “The fans are sad, we are sad too, because the side that goes out is the team and we want to achieve the permanence, then we aren’t matching the expectations. The team must raise the level and match those expectations. We need to win the next match.  The fans aren’t happy with us and we need to do more in order to match their expectations.”

Regarding the rival, Domingos explained what he expects to meet, “We are going to meet a team that’s coming here in order to play on counterattacks; they’ve two attackers up front and we must know how to face that. They have quick transitions and defend with eight men, so we need to be prepared for that.”

There was a message of unity regarding the current financial problems hitting Deportivo, “The players want to achieve the goal and want to do it regardless the problems at the club. The image left why the club is the impression left on Sundays and Saturdays. We must be responsible and demonstrate that we want to win. It’s evident that this isn’t our best moment and the fans have the right to feel upset, we also suffer because we want to see them happy. We all need to be together, because we are the club and the image of the fans.”

A journalist asked if there’s enough squad to achieve the permanence and the answer was, “I believe we’ve quality, and also that we need to change things during the games. We’ve quality and only time will tell if we have enough squad. Truly the team is not balanced and now the players want to keep Deportivo at Primera. I won’t say if this team is capable, just that the players want to do it. Other clubs like Zaragoza and Granada did it before and we want to do it now.”

The ex-Braga man is convinced that the coming meetings in liga are going to be crucial in the race for the permanence, “It all depends of the coming games. I believe the next games will determine the future of Depor. We cannot hide as the next matches are fundamental. I hope the team can find that ‘click’ that could change the past. “

Depor’s tactician left the impression that not too many changes will be made to the squad, this after saying that, “It won’t change too much, playing with two defensive midfielders, two more offensive man and one player adding dynamism up front. Two wingers and a striker. There aren’t too many changes, just to put another man on the side. I evidently have in my mind what I’m going to do and let’s see if things work out in order to win the game.”

Then the coach admitted that he still searching for the right man to perform in the playmaker’s role, “Big part of the dynamics in a team passes through here, we need a player having strength, velocity and skills in one-on-one plays, a player like that can make the difference t in that function, so it is what I am looking for.” Finally, Paciência explained that Marchena will be fit to play, “Yes, he was much better today and I believe that he will be ready for the game.”

Granada’s coach offered a press conference on Friday, just before the trip of his team to A Coruña. He started talking of the importance of this meeting, “It’s a game where the rival arrives under special circumstances, but we also need the points, despite our previous result was a victory, evidently this week has been special, so in that sense you don’t know what can happen, we only need to be prepared in order to compete at the highest level, because this rival will be a hard opponent playing at their stadium.”

“We are aware that this match has a special meaning, it’s the typical game in which we need to compete and face it highly focused; it’s pretty important independently of the kind of game that’s developed; we need to compete at the top and not to commit errors or mismatches at defense, however we’re following the same lane regarding the strategy.” He added

For the Andalusian coach his team needs to show the same intensity offered against Real Madrid, “Evidently it is one of our concerns, because clearly in this game you cannot commit errors, we need to have intensity in the game; we must try to win since the first minute, but always using the five senses and keeping the highest intensity.”

Despite the current position of Deportivo, Granada’s tactician is concern of what the rival can do in this game, “All the games are difficult; they defeated Malaga in their last home game and have been thinking of this match since the past Saturday, while we need to match the same level of attention and intensity; at least we must equal that effort.”

“We must try to go out for the game since the beginning, but always respecting a series of rules, especially the ones linked to the intensity and our attention in the game; things can change throughout the game due to the circumstances, but right now we cannot think of it; what we need to do is to think of the things we must do in order to win, not in what they are going to do.”

Finally, Alcaraz was warning of the combination between Pizzi, Bruno Gama and Riki, “Among the virtues of the rival are the skills of their men up front; they are dangerous of you give them room to play; beyond that, they are capable of resolving the attacking moves thanks to their individual moves.”



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