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15 Feb 2013
Both coaches believe that the victory in this game is the only goal for their teams; Vázquez is aware that the team won’t change after only three training sessions, while Emery in concern of the reaction of his men after losing against Real Madrid.

Unai Emery Etxegoien is a successful coach that showed up in the scene of Spanish football at the end of the past decade; he made history as his UD Almeria ended 8th at the standings adding 52 points (season 2007/08), which was the second best mark for a recent promoted club at the Primera División. A few months later he was signed by Valencia FC, at the time he was youngest coach at that club.

Emery spent three years at Valencia and always fulfilled the mission of qualifying the team for the UEFA Champions League, however he was always criticized by the fans and big part of the media, so he moved on at the beginning of the present season signing for  FC Spartak Moscow, but he only spent six months in Russia and returned to Spain in January in order to replace Michel at Sevilla CF. The Basque man has coached the Andalusian side for the past four games clinching two wins, one draw and one defeat, the last 1-4 defeat at Real Madrid was his first loss at the club.

Meanwhile, Fernando Vázquez debuts at Deportivo and does it as the only man that has trained three different Galician teams at Primera División (he also coached Celta and Compostela). This is his first game at Primera División since April 8, 2007, day in which he was fired after losing with RC Celta visiting Recreativo (2-4). This is his first meeting with Emery; actually the current trainer of Sevilla debuted at Primera with Almeria a few months after Vazquez´s last game at Liga BBVA.

Depor’s new coach offered his first press conference on Thursday’s morning, just before the trip to Seville. He talked with reporters for thirteen minutes and his entire press conference was in Galician. Throughout the conversation he admitted that only a few training sessions aren’t enough to change the negative streak of the team, but also insisted that the victory is the only result that matters for Deportivo.

He started saying that there was no particular reason why André Santos and Jesús Vázquez were left out of the game, “I was forced to make the list of picked players with only two training sessions, it was hard, what happens is that I like to have the data in order to know who is who, but well… I decided to discard those two players. I have some ideas and we’ll see what happens in the last training. I will decide in the night about the team that will play.”

Vázquez also explained why there was a long chat with the players before his first training sessions at the club, “The coach must know what the players want, though there are decisions that cannot be consulted, as example the place on the pitch where you must start defending, or what kind of game do you want to play. We will wait to see what happens.”

The Galician tactician admitted that it won’t be easy to change the current negative streak after only having a couple of training sessions with the team, “It hard to change the dynamic of any team; I watched the last games of Deportivo and sincerely I believe that the team was following a good lane.”

“I can only use the word to change things, because I cannot use a repeating exercise in order to change the pattern. But I have the hope that we can transform the players. The game against Sevilla is our first chance to win a game and we must face it with joy, without negative thoughts. Sevilla are thinking that they must win, but we need to win.” He added

On Thursday he tested a 4-4-2 lineup for the game, but he said that it was only one of many experiments that he likes to do, “I always liked to face the games with different tactics, because the game isn’t the same at minute one than at minute fifty. It isn’t the same if the score is 0-0 or if you are losing 0-2. When things are wrong you need to assume risks.”

He insisted that only the victory would be considered as a good result for the visit to the Sánchez Pizjuán, “I can change the things that I do. What I know is that we need to win the game. I will do anything possible to win the game and give problems to Sevilla, because at this point not even the draw is good for us. We need the win.”

Asked if he already gained the confidence of the players, the new boss answered that, “I just arrived to the club and don’t expect to have too many answers. The players don’t trust in me, not at this point. We need time to know each other and then they will rely in me. With time they will see that I am a good guy. I believe that if we can improve the game and the results then we can change the consequences.”

Vázquez isn’t sure of how many points Depor need in order to clinch the permanence, but has the feeling that it won’t be the same mark of recent years, “I don’t know. Possibly you won’t need the average of past seasons, probably less, but they are so many factors that can play against you. You can end needing 40 points; it depends on other teams, including the big clubs. Real Madrid could end up throwing the league and then the big clubs could end up missing points that they were winning before. “

Then he described his feelings after been named the new coach of Deportivo, “When I was traveling here, to A Coruña, late at that night, I was starting to regain feelings. It’s hard to explain what happens after getting that call. I was calmed during the weekend and suddenly you regain the responsibility, the need to have a relation with the media, the pressure from the fans, the true is that I was needing those feelings.”

There was also time to talk of Valerón, “I always admired Valerón. I always said that he’s a genius, a superior player to other players at other big clubs. Valerón at this point isn’t the same player of ten years ago, you need to valorize the situation and make a decision. You need to use these kinds of players and that’s my responsibility.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez talked of the rival, “I want to build up my team first, but surely I´m thinking of Sevilla. They should have been living a different situation. After Madrid and Barca they should living at the fourth position and aren’t living a good season, it seemed that things would be different after the arrival of Emery, but they didn’t play a good game against Madrid. Still, they have extraordinary and international players, so we must think of it. We have the strength to face them.”

Sevilla’s coach addressed the media on Thursday’s morning; he said that his team is forced to achieve the victory on Friday, “We are in deficit in la liga; we aren’t where the team deserves to be, but our path must be followed of improvements in some aspects. Tomorrow we must see a Sevilla in debt and in need, so we can grasp fresh air and face the rest of the second round having reachable goals.”

“To lose at the Bernabéu can be considered as normal; the how we lose is what matters. The team was fine there, but beyond the self-criticism inside the changing room, what we must do is to move forwards and understand that the war of the Bernabéu isn’t our war; we didn’t make a nice game there, but must move forward. Our war is tomorrow at the Sánchez Pizjuán. Our war is there, the points and goals pass though be a solid team at home.”

The Basque coach continued talking of the importance of the meeting, “We already buried the euphoria and then work and bury the criticism. It is a long way, if we win we will not be that good and if we lose we won’t be that bad. You need to have continuity; right now every game for us is a challenge for the team; it’s an opportunity to put one more blade. This Friday’s game is a challenge. When I hear that the challenge will be easy then out of my sight, I turn away, I don’t want to see this again.”

About Deportivo, he told to reporters that, “They are in need. We play against a team having a big need, with a new coach and with players that are playing for their children’s bread. It isn’t to talk of Madrid, or Copa, no. It’s Deportivo, a big challenge, a real challenge for our work and thoughts. This Friday we must be able to complete a great game; we must improve and play as we normally do at the Sánchez Pizjuán.”

Finally, Emery talked of Fernando Vázquez, “It’s difficult for us to see them having a new coach, because we lose some of the knowledge that we could have regarding Depor. People talk of Fernando Vázquez as a great coach; he’s methodical and capable of working at the top, so I have a high respect for this game, for Deportivo and Fernando Vázquez, and especially for the three points at stake.”



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