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19 Feb 2013
A large group of the fans are trying to remain optimistic despite the negative results of the team. They welcomed the players after the defeat in Seville and coach Fernando Vázquez promised a last effort in the quest for the permanence.

The previous loss against Granada CF raised the nerves and the desperation of the fans as Deportivo continued digging their grave toward Segunda División. It was understood as a fracture between the stands and the team. But it’s also true that Depor’s fans are also known for their loyalty at the darkest times.

So, in the end it wasn’t so surprising to see a group of 300 fans waiting for the players at the moment of their return from Seville after a new loss in la liga (1-3 Vs. Sevilla CF). On Saturday, around 300 persons patiently waited for the players at the Riazor as the team was heading to complete the first training session after the loss at the Sánchez Pizjuán.

The training session was going to take place behind closed doors, but the club decided to open the gates for the fans. Then, around 200 fans watched in silence the training of the team. The players thanked this gesture and Abel Aguilar expressed the gratitude of Depor’s members at the press room, ”We are thankful with the people that were here supporting us. These are tough times and we need their support."

Captain Juan Carlos Valerón was also thanking the support, ”What has happened today with the group of fans that have come here in order to applaud us it’s something that strengthens us. This is highly welcomed by the team. In one hand we understand that they are unhappy due to several things and we must assume our responsibility.”

Fans waiting for the players outside the Riazor

The arrival of the bus to the Riazor
Coach Fernando Vázquez had the gentleness of addressing the fans at the stands during the training session; he told them that, ”You should remain quiet, because we are trying. We won’t surrender, but we need to work harder. A lot of games are remaining and what we need is to chain a series of positive results in order to conquer the needed points. We will demonstrate you that we want to do it” Then, he turned off after lifting his arm.

Coach Fernando Vázquez talking to the fans
The current situation of Deportivo in la liga is reversible, but it’s also complicated and a lot of things must be changed before getting the needed results, and surely things will be easier having the support of the always loyal fans.



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