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20 Feb 2013
Riazor has been a forbidden place for Real Madrid, and it’s that the Madrilenians have only won twice there within the last two decades. Deportivo need to recall the witches in order to clinch a victory and start the ascension to salvation.

Deportivo reach the final stretch of the season with the urgently need to add the points in the attempt of reaching the salvation; coach Fernando Vázquez targets to add eight victories in order to clinch the permanence and that’s exactly the number of remaining games at the Riazor. The more dangerous clubs that still have to visit A Coruña are coming from the capital: Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

Precisely the next home game is against Real Madrid, a dangerous rival despite the disappointing season in liga. The Galician team is completing its worst season at Liga BBVA, but if there’s something bringing hope to the fans is the recent history at the Riazor facing Los Blancos.

And it’s that Real have only won two games in A Coruña within the past two decades; it’s their worst mark against any of the other 19 teams in the league; they even clinched more wins at the Camp Nou within the same period (3).

With the passage of time the negative of results of Real Madrid playing in A Coruña were known as “the course of the Riazor.” The season 1991/92 marked the previous promotion of Depor to Primera, on that campaign the Madrilenians clinched an easy 0-3 win at the Riazor (Nov 02, 1991).

But things were very different on the season 1992/93 as Arsenio Iglesias’ Depor clinched a surprising comeback facing the Madrilenian side (Oct 03, 1992). Los Blancos,  at time coached by Benito Floro, were winning 0-2 by minute 25, but three local goals, including a brace from Bebeto, secured the three points (3-2). The journalist usually point out to this game as the day the “Super Depor” was born.

Fran was the captain the day of the comeback against Real Madrid (season 1992-93). The day the curse started
After this result, 18 years have to pass before witnessing a victory of Real Madrid at the Riazor. The curse included some of the most humiliating losses for Real Madrid, including two 4-0 scores (1998/99 & 1993/94) and a 5-2 on the season 1999/2000, the campaign that meant the only liga title for the Galicians. The dominion was so clear that Deportivo clinched six straight victories within the years 2003 and 2008, plus witnessing how the Madrilenian ended scoreless in seven of their last ten visits to A Coruña.

4-0 win on the season 1993/94. Claudio scored a brace. In the picture Pedro Riesco is chasing the ball

The 5-2 of the season 99/00 was the biggest win over Real; many people remember the game for the chipping attempt of Djalminha

Season 2001/02: 3-0 win at the Riazor, with both Fran and Makaay scoring a goal. In the picture they celebrate the 2-0

The defenders are used to score goals against Madrid. Juanma scored a brace in the 3-1 win of the season 2005/06

Julián De Guzmán celebrating the opening goal in the 3-1 win of the season 2005/06

Capdevila scored one of the goals during the 2-0 win on the season 2006/07. He´s celebrating with Cristian, who scored the second

Season 2007/08: 1-0 win. The team celebrating the own goal of Pepe

One of the few goals of Mista at Deportivo was scored against Real Madrid playing at the Riazor: 2-1 (2008/09)

The curse partially ended on January 30, 2011 after a 3-1 win of Real Madrid at the Riazor thanks to a brace of Benzema. Still, it wasn’t the end of the curse as one year later Los Blancos could only grab a point after been reduced to a goalless game visiting Deportivo.

Season 2009/10: 1-3 win for Madrid at the Riazor; the first in almost two decades

The last visit of Real Madrid to the Riazor: 0-0 on the season 2010/11



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