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21 Feb 2013
Left-back Ayoze DŪaz could be a starter against Real Madrid; the Canarian player offered an interview to Eugenio Cobas from newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa and talked of his season at Depor and also of Evaldo

Q: How are you physically?
A: I feel good. I'm training hard to be at the top when the coach decides to count with me.

Q: What was the first impression with Vazquez?
A: He's a man who, despite been for a while without training, has an extensive experience; he knows how this job and comes with clear ideas. He tries to convey what he thinks is necessary to get out of there.

Q: This involves an improvement in your football, especially on defense, but also for being mentally tough, isnít it?
A: Of course. We must be focused and think that we can move forward, there is enough time to do it and you have to give your best. Itís a complicated situation in which no one would like to be, but we must be aware that we must row in the same direction, together, trying to pull this off.

Q: Did you have a personal conversation with the new coach?
A: No. Neither had I time to do it. He arrived and quickly had to prepare the game against Sevilla. He's a coach who talks a lot with the player. He has spoken in general, with everybody, to tell us that he expects a lot from us and that weíve to put everything we have inside to pull this off.

Q: After been part of the list for the trip to the PizjuŠn, do you expect to have a chance soon?
A: I hope to have opportunities, for this reason I work and train. Now another partner is playing, he has my respect. Iīm fine and will remain so. Those who play will always be the best and I'm going to support them. I just wait for my chance. I want to help and contribute. I'll be there when the coach needs me and will be ready when I get that opportunity, my duty is to try to seize it and try to stay at the team.

Q: What do you think of Evaldo?
He's my partner and I will always defend him until death. Everyone always focus in one person, last year it fell to me and these are situations that nobody likes. He has to be above all that; he must try to do as it he has always done: giving everything to reverse the situation. I'll be there, encouraging and supporting him that is my task now, and if I have to play then I must try to give everything in order to support the group.

Q: Do you feel identified with him for the criticism suffered on last season?
A: These are somewhat parallel situations. It happened to me last year, I didnít have a good year. I had a hard time trying to adapt and Iīm conscious about it. I donít know how he thinks or what goes through his head, but we are clear that we support him 100% and we know that he can do a great job; he will be fine and we are going to be there whatever it takes.

Q: Do you think the moment of Ayoze will come sooner or later?
A: I train for that: to be available. One way or another I will get my chance, either for a suspension or an injury, which is never desirable. I think I'll have my chances to get in and Iíve to be on top to try to take advantage and stay at the team, that's what I want.

Q: Would be ideal to return against Madrid?
A: To play is always positive, this no matter who the rival is. I donít know if I will play or not. The coach has not said anything. I'll be there trying to push and to be the chosen one, and if he doesnít choose me, then nothing happens.

Q: Can you beat Madrid?
A: I think so. Other teams had done it, why not? We must have faith and be optimistic. We should make a good match, almost perfect, and we are capable of it. You can win, although itís clear thatís a very difficult opponent. We have things to hurt them.

Q: Does the delicate situation of the club pulling you harder to bring help?
A: You always want to provide, in all situations, but especially when things go wrong. That's when you have to bring the character. I'm part of the squad and I try to add my two cents. We're on it. Let's see if I have to play, and if not, then we have to help from the sidelines.

Q: Did you lose the hope for not getting into the team?
A: With the other coach [Domingos], there was a moment in which I felt I could enter, but finally didnít do it. When that happens you have to get up again, you must keep working and wait for your chance. The world is like this. Ií a professional, Iím dedicated to this. I know that it can happen and we must be prepared for anything.

Q: Did you feel hurt that the former coach chose to relocate SŪlvio before putting you?
A: Against Osasuna I had only trained for two days and maybe for the next game [against Valencia] I could have entered and didnít have the luck. Anyway, I didnít play. It bothers you, because you think you can help and donít get the opportunity, but itís the past now. Now is another story. We still have games left and we have to add many points to achieve the goal.

Q: What would you tell to the fans?
A: That weīll give everything. We have to be the ones lifting their spirits. Let's see if we all can give a little push and go out of this situation, it isnít grateful. Nobody likes to be there. The fans have been very good and hopefully they will remain so. I think we are going to respond.



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