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28 Feb 2013
Winger Javier Camuñas offered an interview to Sportpaper Deporte Campeón; the ex-Villarreal describes the game against Rayo Vallecano as the most important game so far, though he remembers that it isn’t a final as Depor need more wins.

Q: A good match, but another defeat. How's the dressing room?
A: In this situation, which is worrying, the match against Real Madrid strengthens you in a mental sense as to believe even more in what we’re doing, maybe not in terms of results, which is what matters, but it strengthens you to make a solid game against a rival like Madrid.

Q: Will we see the same motivation against Rayo?
A: We, in the situation we're in, the motivation has to be high, there is no doubt. The effort, the concentration has to be high. Right now we have a very small margin. The clubs at the bottom are adding. Two weeks ago it seemed that 40 points could be worth, but in the end experience tells me that you have to get 40, 41 or 42. If we are lucky and need less points, the better, but the statistics are there.

Q: So, you need 9 more wins
A: At least eight. If then you're lucky to tie with any rival and win the tiebreaker... I hate to throw numbers. To think that we need to win eight games is worthless right now. We must think of Rayo, we  need to win. Then of Barcelona. Gradually, if you're winning more games, you will see the possibility of the salvation.  In this situation the motivation has to be high

Q: Is overwhelming to think that you need to win eight of the remaining thirteen matches?
A: That's why I believe in the everyday work, in the work we do in the trainings, in the mental subject, never losing faith in what we do. Anyone having the mental strength to fight, to endure, to win games it will be the more likely side to be saved.

Q: After the match against Madrid, unlike to what happened against Granada, the fans believed in the team's options.
A: We must thank again the behavior of the fans with us. On Saturday they demonstrated it. Although the result wasn’t what we wanted, because we wanted to give a boost, people were with us and rewarded the team for the effort, work and the match completed by the players. It’s important to have a union between fans and players. We have options to clinch the permanence though we know it’s a very difficult task.

Q: Taking in mind that after Rayo Vallecano you play at the Camp Nou, and that the other teams at the bottom are pushing, what adjective do you put to the game against Rayo?
A: I think it's the biggest game we have on this season, which will determine a bit our future, our fate. If we lose, the options will be minimal. If we win, we'll be there, hooked, we will be coming after a solid game against Madrid and a victory over Rayo would strengthen us bringing encouragement. The victory is much needed. It isn’t the final, because many games are left, but it's the biggest game of the year because it will mark our future.

Q: Had you been in a situation like this before?
A: So far from the permanence, never. It’s a challenge and hopefully we’ll get it. It would be important and the merit would be recognized.

Q: What would you give for the permanence?
A: I would love to enjoy it with the team and the fans and celebrate it in a big way. If we got the goal after the year that we’re completed then it would be precious, because many people are suffering.



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