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01 Mar 2013
Fernando Vázquez will keep most of the 4-2-3-1 squad that faced Real Madrid on the past weekend; the main doubt is who are going to play at the central position of midfield. Valerón will probably continue at the starting formation.

The 4-2-3-1 formation of the past week will be the base of the team that will face Rayo Vallecano on Saturday; on this week new boss Fernando Vázquez was emphasizing the physical work with intense sessions during the morning and then tactical work during the afternoon, and on Thursday the team had a relaxation session at the Zona Fit gym.

Some journalists even suggested that it looks like Deportivo’s squad is making a pre-season stage, but Vázquez denied this idea. He explained that the plan is just to raise the level of the players in order to have a better team for the final part of the liga tournament.

There won’t be too many changes to the formation, for now the main doubt is who´s going to play at midfield. Against Real Madrid the coach used a defensive couple in order to restrain the game of the rival, Abel Aguilar and Palo Assunção, but now Deportivo need the points and could risk more allowing the entry of a more offensive pivote, which is the case of Juan Dominguez

What’s clear is that there will be a modification at defense as Kaká is going out after picking a hamstring strain injury, his spot should be claimed by Ze Castro. The rest of the defense is the same with Daniel Aranzubia defending the goal, Carlos Marchena covering the other spot at the centre, Ayoze Diaz staying at the left and Sílvio Azevedo performing at the right side.

In attack the main news is that Juan Carlos Valerón is staying at the starting eleven; El Flaco is completing his second appearance as a starter of 2013. The rest is the trident that has been in the preferences of Oltra, Domingos and now with Fernando Vázquez: Bruno Gama-Riki-Pizzi.

Together, these three players have only missed two games, more precisely it was Pizzi who missed those matches, one for been suspended and the other as Depor was facing his parent club, Atletico Madrid. Also, combined the trident has netted 19 of the 29 goals scored by Depor on the league season (66% of the total) plus providing eight assists.



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