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13 Mar 2013
Iago Aspas was once again heating the environment before a Galician derby; apart from that things have been quiet, with both sides knowing that this is an important meeting in the quest for permanence. Juan Dominguez wants both clubs to be saved.

Celta’s Iago Aspas is once again in the spotlight after opening fire before a Galician derby. Last year he was provoking before the derby of the first round and was later silenced for the second round meeting. He was also kept silent for the match played at Balaídos on this season, but for Friday’s game he was allowed to speak and once again is at the centre of the polemic regarding the derby.

On Sunday, before the game against Real Madrid, the striker told to TV channel Cuatro that he was hoping to “sink” Deportivo on this derby, then he repeated the speech at Sportpaper AS, “We are hoping to defeat them and choke them a little more. If we win in A Coruña then we will leave them with both feet at Segunda." He said.

“Truly Deportivo aren’t at Segunda yet, but it’s also true that it will be hard for them to reach the salvation, but hope is the last thing you can lose. Surely they will fight until the end. I’m eager to play the derby. I never scored against Deportivo and neither was able to make a great game against them, now I hope to change the things.” Aspas added.

Apart from his words, the rest have been pretty quiet. There’s tension though, because it’s an important meeting towards the salvation. At Depor, Juan Dominguez is even hoping that both sides can be saved, “I believe it’s possible to see both cubs saved. I believe we both can go out from there. They’ve more points. Actually any side currently in relegation can go out of there. That’s why I cannot rule out anyone. There’s hope until the mathematics say so.”

“If we lose it would be a hard hit, but we cannot think like that, but in doing the right things. There are real chances of winning. If we lose it would be bad news, but not for been Celta, but for been a direct rival and for playing at home, so we must win. There’s more tension compared to last year due to the need of both sides, but this is football and you play with a ball. It doesn’t need to be an aggressive game. I hope we will play with the ball and that there won’t be any incident inside or outside the pitch.” The Galician midfielder added.

The coaches have also kept a moderate position before the derby, Abel Resino had a few words on Friday’s game after losing against Real Madrid, “We must recover as soon as possible as we have an important meeting against a direct rival. Celta must match the expectations as we did today. We are there and the goal is to reach the game against Barca still in the fight, later we have more tough games. The league is broken, teams that should have been in the fight have escaped, but we can reach a final reward following this path.”

Meanwhile, Fernando Vázquez was interviewed by newspaper La Opinión A Coruña and said that, “We can and must win, it is for our people. It’s the only reason to win this game: the public. We need to get fresh air, because later we have two weeks and it will be pretty to have fifteen days to prepare the next game. The break could be good in order to work at the top after the experience of defeating Celta.”

The Galician coach is convinced that a victory in the derby will be an important boost towards the salvation, “A lot of things would change. It would be like fueling the tank. It’s like having the tank half empty having a long way to go and suddenly you reach the gas station. It is a gas station what we need at this point. This game against Celta is good in order to react, to jump up. The situation is extremely complicated. We are at the emergency room. When a sick patient is at the ER then the doctors take care of the brain, the heart, the lungs. Our players are the ones that must react, with the help of the coach regarding the brain and with the help of the fans regarding the lungs and the heart.”

“For us all the remaining games are almost like finals. We must win independently of the ways used to reach the goal. That’s the important thing: to win. I would love to have a nice spectacle, in all senses, to see the fans of both sided enjoying and witnessing the repercussions in the media, also to see a full stadium and a lot of courage on the pitch. But later it doesn’t matter, what I want is to win. Still, I ask for a sporting behavior to both clubs. An important thing is to transform the Galician derby into an international event, like a River-Boca, a Madrid-Barca, or an Athletic-Real Sociedad. Let’s make it big. It’s the prettiest thing at football.” He added.

Fernando Vázquez during his interview with La Opinión A Coruña
The sporting director of Celta, Miguel Torecilla, believes that this is a crucial meeting in the quest for the permanence, “The derby is an important game, vital, because the team can give a punch on here and then sleep on Friday outside of relegation. Since now all the game are key, because there’s no margin for errors and all the points are very important. Still, no one is condemned to relegation or clinches the promotion by matchday 27.”

Former Depor Iago Iglesias talked to Radio Marca and said that, “If I can I will be at the stadium, but I have to train too [with Racing Ferrol]. I imagine the derby will be pretty equal and with a lot of pressure for both teams, because it’s a key game, especially for Depor. Let’s see what happens as anything can happen in a derby. I hope that Depor, especially for been playing at home, can have more chances of winning the game. Let’s hope people can walk away with a smile in their faces.”

Captain Manuel Pablo believes that this is the final chance for Depor, “We play for more things than Celta. It’s our last chance. We need to clinch a comeback of epic proportions. If we don’t win then it will be definitive. The salvation would be a miracle, though things are also complicated at this moment.”

Finally, Celta’s left-back Roberto Lago commented that, “It’s a meeting we need to win beyond the rivalry, because we need to start adding points. The game at the Riazor is a final that we need to win in the attempt to remain alive. Lately I have seen that Depor have improved, they have new ideas with the new coach and surely they are seeing our game as a great opportunity towards the future.”



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