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23 Mar 2013
The coaching staff has emphasized the physical work during this week, long sessions and even some physical test for the players. Kaká, Laure and Ze Castro are the men that remain sidelined due to injury reasons.

Fernando Vázquez has tried to seize the break in la liga in order to reinforce the physical condition of his players. During this week the players have been completing long and intensive training sessions with the goal of reaching at the top the final weeks in la liga.

Between Tuesday and Thursday the squad completed two training sessions per day, some of the sessions even lasted two hours. On Tuesday, there was a special physical test for the players; it´s called 30-15 IFT (30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test).

It is designed to more closely replicate the demands of intermittent sports. Unlike the beep test, where athletes run continuously with increasing speed every minute, this test involves 30 seconds of running alternated with 15 seconds of walking. The goal of this test is to assess the ability to recover and repeat intermittent activity, similar to many sporting situations. And the player that got the highest note was Manuel Pablo.

About the casualties during the week, centre-backs Kaká (hamstring) and Ze Castro (adductor) have skipped the sessions due to injury reasons, in this sense Fernando Vázquez picked Pablo Insua from Fabril in order to have two centre-backs available, He joined the trainings with the first team after surpassing his ankle problem.

Right-back Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ has skipped the trainings too; he hasn’t surpassed his groin injury and the club informed on Thursday that he will undergo new tests with a new doctor in Monday in order to determine what’s happening to him.

Other players skipping the trainings due to injury reasons were centre midfielder Jesús Vázquez (muscular) and left winger Javier Camuñas (fibula). Both missed the first four trainings on the week, but by Thursday the duo was already training with the rest of the team.

Pizzi, Sílvio (Portugal) and Abel Aguilar (Colombia) complete the list of casualties during the trainings. This trio had joined their national teams ahead of the World Cup qualifiers. By Thursday the intensity of the training sessions was lower, just to mention that the second session on that day only lasted fifteen minutes. The last training session on the week took place on Friday; now the squad will rest two days and next week they will start to prepare the game against RCD Mallorca.

Juan Dominguez and Fernando Vázquez during the training on Tuesday
Midfielder Juan Dominguez was one of the players that addressed the media during the week; he commented about the intensity of the trainings, ”Right now we are working in an intensive way, with several training sessions, all of them pretty long. The goal is to improve our physical condition for each weekend. That’s the goal of Fernando Vázquez and the coaching staff.”

For centre-back Aythami Artiles the break in liga is beneficial for the squad, ”We look at everything with optimism and it’s pretty good to extend everything having this break. The team is aware that there are possibilities of clinching the permanence, though there are lesser games now.”

Meanwhile, left winger Diogo Salomão was analyzing what he expects to meet in the coming weeks, ”The future of Depor will be defined in the next two games as we are facing important rivals. If we at least add four points then it will be pretty good, I see it as the goal, though if we can win both games, the better.”

Finally, captain Manuel Pablo is targeting the upcoming game against RCD Mallorca, ”Clearly the last victory is bringing an impulse, but it was only a game. Now, we are facing a battle against two direct rivals from our league. At Mallorca we are traveling in order to win or at least add a point. We depend of other rivals, but the main thing is to try to win. The important thing is to remain in the fight.”



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