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23 Mar 2013
Laure hasn’t improved from his groin injury and the newest decision is to travel to Madrid and ask for a new medical opinion. The doctors are trying to avoid the surgery. The player could end up missing the rest of the season.

Since two weeks ago it was expected that Laureano Sanabria ´Laure´ was going to join the rest of his team mates, he did it for a couple of days, but the right-back wasn’t feeling okay and never got the medical okay. Then, after the derby against Celta, he made a step backwards as he started to train on the sidelines.

And on Thursday the club informed that the right-back is going to travel to Madrid on Monday, the reason is to meet doctor Fernando Itza, who is a well-known specialist in pelvic pain. Laure will be joined by one of Depor’s doctor, Ramón Barral.

The injury of Laure began as a very weird case; he suffered a block in the pelvic region when he was taking a nap before the game against RCD Espanyol, which was the last match in 2012. Then the doctors informed that the player had suffered a groin injury called ‘pubalgy’.

Pubalgy is caused by a proximal, insertionaltendinitis of the adductor muscles, even if it isn't completely right to limit this pathological event to the tendinitis. The different inflammatory processes, in fact, can sometimes involve even the muscular, articular, cartilaginous and osseous components. Sometimes the pubalgy, if neglected, can cause prolonged periods of competitive stop or of limitation of the athletic performances.

Laure training at the Zona Fit gym
And this is has been the torment of the player within the last three months, because he has been unable to play any game in 2013 due to this injury. Sometimes the only way to heal the injury is surgery, but it needs more time in the recovery process and it means to miss the rest of the season.

What the doctors are trying is to follow a conservative treatment, which means to treat the problem only through physiotherapy. It’s exactly what the club did when Diogo Salomão and Bruno Gama suffered the same problem on last season. Both players followed a conservative treatment and needed less time to return to play, and more the most important thing: they never suffered a relapse.

Laure didn’t begin the season has the fixed starter at the right-back position, this since he suffered a dislocated shoulder, but then claimed the starting spot at the lineups of Oltra. But his groin problem has reduced his presence to only 11 appearances in la liga (945 minutes).



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