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24 Mar 2013
Depor’s coach addressed the media on Friday; he gave his impressions on the team after the break in la liga. He is convinced that his players are having a better mood than the rivals despite Deportivo are the last place at the standings.

On Friday, coach Fernando Vázquez offered a press conference as it was the last day of training before taking a break of two days. He talked for twenty minutes and began analyzing the state of the squad after an intense week on the training pitch, “We have worked hard; if the team is at the ER then we need special care, special trainings in order to improve. We need to eat, we need nutrients and that’s what we have been training on this week as there was no competition. We will rest on Saturday and Sunday and let’s hope that this work will be useful in order to be at the top against Mallorca.”

“I said before that the break was good for us, because it allows us to enjoy the victory for a longer period, especially since it was against the eternal rival. Besides, we needed to train; I need to put more pressure at the team without having competition on the weekend. These men wouldn’t be able to compete tomorrow after these exhausting sessions.” He added.

A journalist asked if he thinks that the players still believe in the cause of the permanence and the answer was that, “The players know what I think and what I believe. It won’t be for the commitment of the players that we aren’t going to stay at Primera División. The players are committed and delivered to the cause, that’s why you always see me happy, because I realize that they are working at the top.”

The Galician tactician also stated that he will be watching Fabril and Deportivo Juvenil A during the weekend, “I will keep working; I’m fine mentally and will watch the games of Juvenil A [against Celta]and Fabril [against Somozas] so I can know more of the players. Also, I will be preparing the next week’s trainings and the game against Mallorca.”

Then he confirmed that Juvenil A’s winger Bicho could be picked in order to train with the first team during next week, “It’s possible that, next week, I will pick Bicho in order to train with us, as soon as he ends his participation with the Spanish team. He arrives in the weekend I think, and for the moment it’s a measure to watch and compare the players; it could lead us to make further decisions.”

He didn’t give importance to the stat that Depor are the only winless team at Primera playing on the road, this since a similar situation occurs at the Riazor, “Truly we have missed victories on the road, but we also missed to clinch victories at home; after all we have only picked four wins and that’s very poor. When you don’t win it is because you have problem. Deportivo have a problem of football. It could be that we allow too many goals, that we only score a few goals or that the goals that we score aren’t enough. “

“I know what the problem of Deportivo is, and I believe that I have the solution, and in that sense I’m working with the team. I’ve a clear picture of it. As closer you are to the players the better idea you have. The problem is related to the sporting subject, there are no other issues. The team dies in order to win games. The players are eager to win and remain at Primera División. That’s absolutely true. Truly the players are thinking of the financial situation, but each day it’s clearer that this issue isn’t affecting the performance of the team. It takes time to change the dynamic of the team. The ideas are simple, but it’s hard to see the full group repeating it.” He added.

A journalist asked if he found any surprise at the team when he signed for Depor, “Yes, a few, some were positive and others were negative. You watch the games on TV, but it’s useless to watch a player if you don’t know how the players think. It is a more complicate knowledge”

The Castrofeito-born man is also convinced that, despite been the last place at Primera, the players of Deportivo are mentally more stronger than the direct rivals, “Mentally I don’t think we are in a worst shape than Zaragoza, Mallorca or Osasuna, clubs that are above us. The positivism of Deportivo seems to be magic, because we are the bottom club, the team that has allowed more goals and all of that, but the team believes and the fans are supporting us, so it seems we are a point above other clubs that are more nervous. Our mood isn’t worse than the one of the other clubs.”

He also believes that the absence of the international players [Pizzi, Abel Aguilar & Sílvio] aren’t affecting his plans for the coming game against Mallorca, “Only three players are off, and we put other men during the trainings, so it shouldn’t affect us, besides Mallorca also have international players. Anyhow, off course I would have loved to have them now.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez told to reporters that he’s convinced that Depor can beat Mallorca playing at the Iberostar stadium, “I don’t have any explanation to our poor form on the road. Clearly I don’t know the reason why haven’t won playing away from home. I ‘m just convinced that we can win in Mallorca, why we cannot win in Mallorca? They are also thinking like us. Both sides believe that the next game is complicated.”



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