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24 Mar 2013
Domingos PaciÍncia offered a phone interview to Xurxo FernŠndez from La Voz de Galicia; the former coach of Deportivo blamed the chants against the Portuguese players for his exit from the club.

Weird interview made by La Voz de Galicia to Deporís former coach Domingos PaciÍncia. Journalist Xurxo FernŠndez attempted for weeks the interview and only had this phone, with the Portuguese man saying that he left the club as soon as he felt that the fans were turning against the players and the coaching staff.

Q: The other day you promised to talk when the team was in a better situation and the moment itís arriving after winning the derby.
A: It is not much I can say. I'm no longer there.

Q: Could you explain at least why you leave Deportivo on that way. Your motives were never clear.
A: What I can say about that? There were many things. The moment I decided to leave is when I heard people chanting against the Portuguese. Our own fans. That was too much. It hurt me a lot.

Q: Are you offended by the fans?
A: That was the final drop. I heard "less Portuguese, more Galicians." And I didnít expect for that. The fans always had an exceptional behavior, encouraging the players and everything else. But suddenly they began singing it and attacking our players; they scratched the car of one of my assistants. We didnít deserve that, so I went and talked to the managers of the club and told them I couldnít continue, it was better that they should seek for a Spanish coach, who understood better how things work on there.

Q: Speaking of the final drop, there were more reasons?
A: I told the people of the club, I explained everything. That we were arriving after four games without a win, the situation was very complicated. Additionally, players had spent a long time without receiving their wages and didnít know when they were going to collect that money. These things donít help.

Q: The players always said that they werenít saying anything related to the issue of the wages as they preferred to focus on the sporting matter, do you think that it was possible?
A: That was a topic that they talked. There were weekly meetings before the trainings and discussed about it.

Q: Did you speak of this with the clubís officials?
A: I told them everything. When I arrived I knew it was difficult, but thought I could move forward with the team. I thought that things would be different. Eventually the situation wasnít good and I spoke in order to reach a good solution for everyone.

Q: What were you expecting to find and what did you find?
A: For example, I was expecting for the arrival of more players. At least two more for the attacking line. That was the intention before arriving.

Q: But did you ask for them before signing? Did they say to you that these signings would be made?
A: I asked for five players and they said they would try. They brought three, who are good and was very happy with them. Also, there was no money.

Q: And the ones that were here, where they committed? The criticism of the fans were on that sense.
A: Everyone. I have no complaints on that. But then things happened during the games. Attempts that werenít going in, expulsions...

Q: Do you believe that Depor could be saved?
A: If you win the next two games I think the team can be saved. These are very important games.

Q: Do you keep any contact with any player?
A: I donít like to interfere in the work of the new coach. Surely I will talk at the end of the season.

Q: Did Depor owe money to you? What are your future plans?
A: There is no problem with Deportivo. I wasnít there for the money, I wanted other things. Now I would like to coach a team since the start of the season.



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