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25 Mar 2013
Depor’s captain point out to the next two games as the victories that his team needs in order to reach salvation; he didn’t want to talk of his possible retirement and assured the squad is calmed regarding the financial crisis.

Juan Carlos Valerón addressed the media before the break in la liga; he started talking of the intensity of the trainings during the past week, “There’s a break in la liga and we have been training at the top. The coach used the week in order to make a solid training, now we must work on next week and prepare in the best possible way the important game that we will have on next Sunday. “

“The training was hard, but nothing happens; we are there and thinking of preparing the next game, which will be pretty important to us. Throughout my career I have faced tough trainings, there are some complaints, but in the end there is no problem. The change of the coach means that new ideas arrive, the trainings change and it is a factor. In the end there is no problem.” He added

The Canarian man assured that Deportivo’s players are feeling more confident after winning the derby, “Every time you win a game that week turns to be more tranquil and in that sense we knew that the game against Celta was pretty important, for what it meant: the three points, the joy of the fans and to face the coming week with more calm. The true is that a lot still ahead. The victory brought strength and we knew that this is an important moment facing as we face direct rivals, and the first game was against Celta, now we face two key games, the first against Mallorca and let’s see what we can do.”

And it’s that for the playmaker the next two matches are pretty important for Deportivo, “We need to win the next two games. We need to win both. There’s no other way. That’s our intention and let’s see what happens. Right now we can speculate, but we need to risk more. Look to what happened against Rayo. We were locked at the back in the first part, and in the second we pushed a little more, and it was the same playing against Celta. At this moment the risk is useful, and the coach is talking of assuming more risks, playing with two strikers and three men at the back. We must be prepared.”

“It happens all the years. It’s the same. The clubs falling down are more uncertain and the ones pushing forward are more confident, but it doesn’t guarantee anything. The only guarantee is to win the matches, so you need to be prepared and win the games. There’s no other way.” He added.

Valerón also stated that the players are calmed regarding the financial crisis of the club, “When the issue of the administration came in… if you realize the speech of the team is to rest important to the subject, at least not to talk of it and instead to focus in the sporting issue. We know how things are and are a little worried, but we try to focus and the other part is managed by the club. The AFE [Players Association] is also helping and we are focused in the sporting sense, so we try that this aspect won’t affect the team. It’s a tough years, it’s a burden added to the sporting problems, still we try to help and assume the responsibility. I try to help, so things can improve. The intention is to be focused in the sporting sense.”

Asked about his possible retirement at the end of the season, he refused to talk of the subject, “Right now we are facing a so important moment for Deportivo that I don’t have time to look further; I´m focused in this important moment and try to offer my best. This is an important challenge and the end of la liga is hard; we have little options and I’m focused in ending the job.”

About the recent comments of former coach Domingos Paciência, he said that, “These are things from the past and we need to think of the present, doing our best. Things that happened in the past are there and I don’t have anything to say about it. This is a very important moment, strengthened by the latest victory and the team realized that we can do it, and I believe that the fans are feeling the same, so I don’t think the right thing is to talk of these issues, it must remain in the past.”

Finally, Valerón showed his support for president Lendoiro, “The situation is though and he’s trying to fix all the things that are affecting the club. The idea is that everything will be resolved for Deportivo and we all are trying to do the same.”



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