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25 Mar 2013
Surprising defeat for Depor’s veterans; Real Valladolid clinched the three points in a well-deserved result for them .Fran returned but it wasn’t enough. Juanma suffered a serious injury and had to be replaced.

Deportivo’s veterans were defeated by Real Valladolid in the second match of the indoor league disputed in Culleredo (7-9). Fran was returning, but it wasn’t enough to avoid the defeat. The true is that Valladolid dominated the game in the first part and by half-time the score was already 2-5

The veterans looked outplaced after the first goal scored at the first minute; mainly as Juanma sustained a meniscus injury that forced him to leave the game. The reaction came in the second part as the score was 6-6 by minute 53’, but the visitors managed to score three times in the next ten minutes.

Fran was the top scorer at the team as he netted six of the seven goals conquered by Deportivo, the other goal was scored by his brother, José Ramón.  The result leaves a pretty open situation in the group, with Celta, Depor, Valladolid and Malaga already disputing two games and all the sides having one victory and one defeat.

The team that played against Valladolid
Porto is the only team that still has to debut in the tournament, in two weeks they visit Celta, and on April 12 the Portuguese squad will be hosting Deportivo. The group stage ends for Depor in April 19 as the Galicians host Malaga.

Deportivo: Carou, Andrade, Juanma, José Ramón, Fran, Manuel, César, Miguel & Jacobo. Coach: Paco Melo
Valladolid: Rodri, Santi Cuesta, Juan Carlos, Turiel, Víctor, Javi Torres, Pereira, Chuchi Macón, Marcos & Alberto. Coach: Javi Jiménez
Referee: Pájaro Hermo. He showed yellow cards to José Ramón (38’), Víctor Fernández (47’), Jacobo (51’) and Alberto (52’). Turiel was sent off (38’ & 43’).
Goals: 0-1: Victor (1’); 1-1: Fran (13’); 1-2: Chuchi Macón (19’); 1-3: Marcos (23’); 1-4: Javi (25’); 2-4: José Ramón (26’); 2-5: Turiel (28’); 3-5: Fran (33’); 3-6: Víctor (34’); 4-6: Fran (45’); 5-6: Fran (48’); 6-6: Fran (53’); 6-7: Javi Torres (56’); 6-8: Pereira (60’); 7-8: Fran (61’); 7-9: Víctor (62’)
Venue: Pabellón Municipal de O Burgo (Culleredo - A Coruña)



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