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27 Mar 2013
Striker Riki addressed the media and told that, despite the recent victory over Celta, Deportivo haven’t done anything yet and must continue fighting in order to reach the salvation. He targets the upcoming game against Mallorca.

The club continued with the policy of not allowing personal interviews during the week after the derby, this despite the break in la liga, so the only way to hear what’s going inside the locker room at this point is through the daily press conferences offered by the players.

Riki was the first man that addressed the media during this week; he said that the team is optimistic after the victory in the derby, but that a lot still ahead in order to reach safer lands, “It’s what we all want: to play Sunday’s game against Mallorca and continue with the good dynamic left by the derby. I believe that, as long as there’s life, the team will give their best, sometimes it could be bad and others good, but the game against Celta began an impulse and should be useful to realize that we haven’t done anything yet and that the goal remains far.”

The Madrilenian attacker is aware of the difficulty of the next rival, “Mallorca are coming after a good run despite they lost at the Bernabéu, having important in-form players, and they’re also playing for important things as they are also targeting the permanence, so we need our best effort as it’s going to be a hard match.”

They have in-form players like Giovani and Alfaro, but we also have important players, and let’s see what happens. We are playing for our permanence at Primera División, so it’s going to be tense, but we need to control that feeling and let’s hope that the team will have the needed confidence in order to move forward.“ He added

The ex-Getafe attacker is aware that Deportivo must clinch away and consecutive victories in order to increase the chances of salvation, “We need back-to-back wins in order to give a punch over the table.  Truly it has been a while since we don’t win an away meeting and it’s clear that our mentality is to win in Majorca.“

During the press conference there was a question regarding the intense training sessions of last week, and he said that, “Last week there was no liga and the intensity was bigger, because it was an opportunity to improve. I’m sure we are going up and that all the players are going to be ready. Each trainer has their own work and knows what they are doing.”

Finally, Riki insisted that the players must realize that a lot of things still to be done before reaching the salvation, “Things are different when you win, and in our case, during this season, things have been more black than white and clearly a victory reinforces you, mainly in a derby against the eternal rival. It could excite the fans, but we know that we haven’t done anything yet. The salvation is closer, but we need to continue fighting.”



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