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30 Jul 2006
Coach Caparr�s still has to find the answers to two important questions: How to play without Valer�n during the next four months? and: What will I do with so many players in the squad? The near future of Deportivo depends in the correct solution of these two issues.

La Liga season hasn't begun yet, but the problems are starting to emerge. The first one is the difficulty to find an exit for the discarded players. Caparr�s built the list that he wanted for the new campaign just a few days later after the season 2005/2006 ended. But he found in Isla Canela several of the 'old' faces that he didn't want to see.

This situation has blocked the agenda that he had on mind. Firstly, it's more difficult to work with 31 men than with 23. Secondly, the club faces unexpected troubles to sign promising players since the resources still compromised with the exit of this players (salary to pay and the income for their transfers). Lendoiro hasn't been able to find a solution to Trist�n, Acu�a, Momo, R�ben, Scaloni, Mun�a and Pablo Amo. He is even facing troubles to find the right offers for Andrade and Duscher, two players that will supposedly help to obtain the so needed funds. Trist�n has even insinuated that he might stay in la Coru�a.

For that reason Caparr�s said last week that "the project might have to change into a long-term plan." A message that explains his current situation: the club will need time in order to resolve the situation of the discards that he wants out and to sign the promises that he wants in. A further complication to this issue is the fact that the club isn't signing new players according to the team�s necessities.

Deportivo was able to obtain the services of three young central defenders: Rodri, Barrag�n and Arbeloa. These three youngsters can perform also as right wingbacks, but the situation in the squad is causing an overbooking in those positions. Right now Caparr�s has five players for the roll of right wingback and also a list of six men for the central positions. However, the team has only one choice for the left side (Capdevila) while the name of the starting goalkeeper continues to be a complete mystery.

A new problem added to this puzzle is Valer�n's injury. Caparr�s was preparing a squad based on the abilities of the Canarian playmaker, but now his absence for the next four months gives more questions than answers. At least the Sevillan coach has several alternatives that he will study very carefully. Against Sporting Lisbon he proved with Cristian in the roll of playmaker, a choice that didn't work. Iago and Riki are the other candidates for the job. Another alternative is to change the system into a 4-4-2 figure. A change that will be possible thanks to the newest incorporations (Riki, Bodipo and Estoyanoff). Even youngster like Rivadulla and Juan Dominguez could find a place in the first squad.

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