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10 Apr 2013
El Flaco talked to reporters and analysed the situation at Deportivo; he insists that the team must face the fight for the permanence going game by game; once again he assured that nothing is decided about his retirement.

Juan Carlos Valerón talked to the media on Monday; he commented that things have changed for Deportivo after clinching three straight victories, “We were almost at Segunda and the courage has pulled us to keep fighting and save ourselves and I believe that we must keep that way. It’s difficult to find a motive for the recent comeback. “

“The fact is that you saw yourself almost at Segunda, and it now removes the pressure, because you realize that the team is no longer nervous and it makes you feel more involved in the game. We have clinched three straight victories and now see things in a different way. Things have changed. A few weeks ago we practically had both feet at Segunda and now we have options to clinch the salvation, a lot still ahead and we will fight for it.” He added.

The Canarian playmaker believes that Deportivo must face the rest of the season using the philosophy of the past season, in other words going game after game, “We shouldn’t be planning anything; we must keep going in the same way, because it has worked out, going game by game and with a winning mentality. We’re wishing to play the next game, always keeping the needed calm at these moments.”

He’s also convinced that Fernando Vázquez has had a positive impact after landing at Depor, “I don’t like to compare the before and after. The important thing is that Fernando has made things to see the team reacting and the feelings are positive, the team is feeling fine, it’s more solid now, the rival isn’t creating too much danger. It brings the feeling that it isn’t easy to score against us and, at the same time, we are seizing our opportunities in attack.”

 “We are living a moment in which, if you analyze things, there are a lot of things that need to be improved, but right now the most important thing is to win the games. During many phases in the games there are ups and downs, and it’s good for us, because of the players that we have. This courage opens gaps at defense, but as long as we win the games it’s the most important thing.”

El Flaco was also praising the fans for their support, “That energy that we perceive it brings us a special force. They tell you that no matter what happens, no matter what we do, the thing that matters is to give everything on the field. We were almost at Segunda and the fans have helped us to change the things. Before playing against Mallorca we found 5,000 people in a training session and the environment at the Riazor for the game against Zaragoza was tremendous. The fans bring energy and motivation at these delicate moments.”

Finally, Valerón keeps avoiding saying if he’s going to retire at the end of this season, “The end is approaching; I won’t be playing forever, but right now I am not thinking beyond this season, because this is an important year for Depor. Everything turned to be more complicated with the administration process and the sporting hurries, so the only thing that matters to me is to save ourselves, later we’ll see.”



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