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12 Apr 2013
Ordeal for midfielder Richi of Deportivo B. The 22-year-old player will complete one year out of the pitches after the torment of his groin injury. The Monforte-born player confessed that he was close to retire in December of last year.

Few stories at Deportivo are tougher than the one of Ricardo Fernández Pérez ´Richi. The centre-midfielder arrived in 2010 to Fabril and turned to be a normal starter calling the attention of the coaching staff as he was sawn as a potential member of the first team.

But the injuries have changed his destiny, more in concrete a groin injury called pubalgy [the same case of Laure]. Pubalgy is a proximal, insertionaltendinitis of the adductor muscles, even if it isn't completely right to limit this pathological event to the tendinitis. The different inflammatory processes, in fact, can sometimes involve even the muscular, articular, cartilaginous and osseous components.

Sometimes the pubalgy, if neglected, can cause prolonged periods of competitive stop or of limitation of the athletic performances. That’s the case of Richi, because the period of healing is very long and could take years. In the case of the 22-year-old player it kept him at bay for a year between 2010 and 2011 besides to suffer a toe fracture.

The player returned, after a couple of surgeries, and played in 15 games during the past Tercera season, but had to be replaced at minute 90 of the visit to Pontevedra CF (April 22, 2012) after picking a knock that caused a new fracture and a relapse of his groin injury. He skipped the last three games on the season and the same problem sidelined him for the whole present campaign with Depor B. Two weeks ago he underwent a third surgery trying to fix the problem.

Richi was so desperate that he thought in retiring; as he commented to Depor Sport during the past week, ”The true is that I thought in retiring. Before Christmas I talked with my parents as I was living a hard time. I was avoiding traveling to Abegondo in order to watch Fabril and in the best of the cases I was training at the Zona Fit gym. It’s the worst thing I have lived. It affected me a lot. I wasn’t fine.”

“It’s almost a year without playing and the true is that it was a hard time for my self-esteem. Nobody likes to be like that. Recently I talked to Valerón and he commented that he spent a while without playing due to the injuries. I also talked to Geri [former member of the youth teams, currently at Bergantiños] and he also suffered a serious injury. I am not the only one passing through a situation like this.”

At least the player is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel; the physical therapist of the youth teams,Fernando Rodriguez, told to Depor Sport that the player should be back ahead of next season, “Right now he’s working with Pablo López [the physical therapist of the first team] and we believe that he’s going to improve, next season should be the one of his return. He’s improving, though a pubalgy is a complicate injury as each case is different. The one of Richi, as example, is very different to the one of Laure.”

Now the player is more optimistic about his future, “I recently had a new surgery and they fixed my adductor muscles. Let’s see how the recovery process continues, but the true is that I feel better and that’s how I expect things to continue. Recently I lost the hope, but now I regain it. My last three years have been like this and it seems we have found a solution. I was in pain, not only when I played, but also in the normal life, day by day. I already had three surgeries, but didn’t think twice the last time. The hospital is now like my second home.”



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