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09 May 2013
El Flaco described the game against Valladolid as the most important one; he believes that Depor need more than two wins in order to clinch the salvation. He also defended his team regarding the match-fixing scandal at Levante UD.

Juan Carlos Valerón addressed the media after Tuesday’s training; he was pretty sure of the importance of Saturday’s game against Real Valladolid, “Throughout the season there are always games that you describe as the more important one on the campaign, but this is it. This is the game of the season, there’s no doubt about it. The game against Valladolid is the most important of all, even more than remaining ones. We are going there for the victory, there’s no other way.”

He didn’t want to compare the game to the one faced against Valencia two years ago, match that marked the relegation of Depor, “It’s difficult to compare; both are different games, the only think I know is that this game is key. We know it’s like that. The team knows it. The group knows it and we are facing it with hope, knowing that’s very important.”

“I repeat, it’s the most important game of the season. We are going there in the attempt to get the victory; it’s the key until the end of the season. The team is fine; the feelings are positive. Perhaps we were nervous or doubting at other moment of the season, thinking before the game what could happen if we lose, but now the team is feeling prepared to win games. Now we’re feeling strong and ready to win. We still alive after playing against two complicate rivals such as Betis and Atlético Madrid, having chances to win both games, so it brought confidence” He added.

Another conclusion of the Canarian playmaker is that Deportivo need more than two wins to clinch the permanence, this since the other direct rivals are also clinching important results, “We all know that at the end all the teams playing for something are getting the points and winning the games. These are normal things, it always happened. We know that in this regard we will need to win more than two games, so Saturdays’ game is very important.”

 “It’s tough to determine how many wins do you need; you never know what can happen, because anything can happen, what we must do is to have a higher goal in order to avoid problems, so I believe we need to win more than two games. The first one is on Saturday, later we’ll see.” He added

About the rival, Real Valladolid, he said that, “We play against a team that will give their best in order to win; they are at home and in front of their people. They’ll try to end the season in the best possible way. They’re doing a good season, because their initial goal was the permanence and is practically done, so this is a tough field and we always faced problems playing there. We’ll try to get the points, knowing that a lot of people will be there supporting us.”

“You like to face teams that allow you to play. Valladolid are making a great season in an offensive sense, practicing good football and it means they will put you in trouble, but at this height of the season it is good for us to face teams that allow you to play, because we have solid players in attack that can be harmful in the counterattack, we need to seize that.” He added

He is convinced of what Deportivo need to do in order to win the match, “I guess that all the teams are in the same situation: knowing that you need to win and only focused in yourself, later you realize that the team needs some luck and to have positive results regarding the direct rivals, you cannot spend anything in what you cannot control; you have to spend in the things under your control. It is what we are going to do: to spend all our energy in the quest for the victory.”

Valerón was also asked about the match-fixing scandal of Levante UD; he’s pretty sure that Depor have nothing to do with it, “I’m hallucinating with all this stuff, after the things we have lived on this year, with all the problems faced, with the effort made by the team in order to surpass the situation, to be forced to face this situation it leaves you hallucinating. With everything that has been said. I believe people should be more serious with all these subjects. You cannot be talking of this. As long as I’m here I can assure you that we aren’t involved on this.”

“I don’t want to talk of anyone; everybody is facing their own situation. I just want to say that we want to do our work: play football and defend Deportivo La Coruña in an honorable way. If you believe me, fine; if not then everybody can make their choice.” He finalized after been asked about the accusations of Levante’s Barkero.



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