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10 May 2013
Fabril have clinched the goal of the season as the B squad of Deportivo will play the promotion playoff to Segunda B, but it will be a difficult step as the youngsters will have to pass three rounds if they want to play in the upper league.

The goal of the season for Deportivo B has been accomplished as the team certified on Sunday its participation in the upcoming promotion playoff to Segunda División B. There are 18 groups at Tercera Division and the four top teams of each group have the privilege to fight for the promotion.

Depor B are currently third at the standings with an advantage of seven points over fifth place Pontevedra CF; the team coached by Devesa will end the season third or fourth, which means that they will have to pass three series if they want to return to Segunda B, each one a two-leg series against rivals outside of Galicia. The draw will be made a soon as the normal league ends –two games are remaining-

The youngsters of Deportivo are reaching this stage living a great form in the competition after only losing one of the last twelve games, winning nine of those meeting and scoring the impressive number of 35goals within the period.

But the playoff are a different story, it’s a tricky definition in which everything depends on the kind of rivals that will be meet, because the team can end up facing another B squad or even a veteran outfit full of experience in these kind of definitions.

Besides, Fabril didn’t have good luck in past round searching a promotion, in the 21st century the team has participated in six playoffs (five at Tercera and one at Segunda B), and only in three opportunities it was able to clinch the promotion, the last one was on the Tercera season 2009/2010, in that opportunity the team ended at the first place, reason why they only needed one round to reach the goal, and they suffered a lot facing Burgos CF as there were no goals in both legs so the spot was decided in the penalty shootout.

A promotion to Segunda B is important as it means to face clubs from regions outside of Galicia, more specifically teams from Madrid, Canarias, Asturias and Cantabria. It would be a step forward in the growing process of several of the players at the squad. On this century, Depor B have only played four times at Segunda B, in three of those campaigns the team suffered the relegation, while in the other one (2007/08) it ended at the top of the standings, even disputing the playoff to Segunda A.



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