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15 May 2013
Three finals are left for Deportivo, but the suspensions could affect the last two games as nine men are one yellow card away from missing a match. Five of these nine men are normal starters with Fernando Vázquez.

Coach Fernando Vázquez needs intensity for the final three matches of Deportivo; there’s no margin of error as Depor need three positive results (three victories or two wins plus one draw) in order to reach the salvation., but the “intensity” shouldn’t guide the team to commit a lot of unnecessary fouls, because there are nine men at the edge of picking a fifth yellow card that will guide them to a suspension, and five of them are normal starters.

At least this situation was avoided in the past game against Real Valladolid, because Deportivo only committed one foul in that match; curiously that lonely foul cost a yellow card to Nélson Oliveira, who is now the recent addition to the black list of warned men.

The five normal starters that are one yellow card away from the suspension are right-back Manuel Pablo, centre-backs Aythami Artiles and Ze Castro, right winger Bruno Gama plus striker Riki.

The other three men that will miss a match in case of getting a yellow card are left-back Evaldo Fabiano, centre midfielder Álex Bergantiños and right-back Laureano Sanabria ´Laure´, in the latter case the player will probably miss the remaining three games of the season as he’s injured.

Deportivo’s players must be intelligent enough to manage this situation, though it won’t be easy as the main thing in the head of the players is to get the three points in the quest for the permanence, without forgetting the most recent annoyance with the work of the referees.



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