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21 May 2013
Incredible scenes at the Riazor after Nélson Oliveira silenced the crowd in the celebration of the second goal against RCD Espanyol one day later he asked apologies, but was still upset due to the criticism from the fans

There were a lot of comments and criticism against Nélson Oliveira after he became furious with the fans during the celebration of the second goal against RCD Espanyol; he was angered and silenced the public located at the zone of the Riazor Blues. He repeated the gesture three times before the incredulity of the fans, who began to whistle him until the end of the match.

Despite the team clinched an important victory the fans whistled him and the striker left the pitch and didn’t join the rest of the players in order to celebrate at midfield. Silvio and André Santos tried to chill him out, but he refused to talk, even Carlos Marchena went down the stairs in order to talk to him, and it was pretty clear that the centre-back was upset.

A journalist from Radio Onda Cero also reported that the striker was close to exchange blows with German Lux, who insulted him at the changing room, among the things said by the Argentine keeper was the phrase: “What’s going on with you, do you want to send us back to Segunda?” It was also reported that the player was escorted outside the stadium by Jesús Vázquez and the club’s staff, this in order to prevent more incidents.

Oliveira shushing the public

Oliveira discussing with Marchena after the final whistle
Next day it was known that Benfica SL contacted Deportivo in order to know what happened; also his father showed up to the training pitch at Abegondo. He talked to reporters and said that his son was regretting for the incident. The striker trained with the team without any problem, he even signed a shirt to a young fan. Later that day the player offered a press conference.

Oliveira signing a shirt on Monday’s training

Oliveira during the press conference
During the press conference Oliveira apologized, but he also justified his behavior, “I want to ask apologies to the fans, but I believe I had my reasons to… nothing justifies what I did yesterday, but it’s a reflection of what has happened throughout the season. In my opinion they whistled me a lot of times and it was unfair, because I was going out to play just for ten minutes and believe I couldn’t do more. I want to ask apologies to the fans and nothing more.”

“At the moment I was just thinking in going home and join my family, because those are the only people that really love me. It was a difficult season to me, but I believe… yesterday… it was a reflection of what has been happening since some months ago and I believe it shouldn’t have happened. The only thing left is to ask apologies to the fans, especially the ones at the lateral stands, because they were always spectacular with me. I can only continue working in order to clinch the permanence, which is the important thing.” He added

Then the Portuguese striker explained why he was so angry, “What happens is that they cannot whistle a player when that player isn’t performing. The true is that I played two games as a starter, in one of them scored a goal. What happens is that in the other games I only played for ten minutes, many times playing when we had one less man and I am not superman to go out and score a hat-trick in ten minutes, or something like that. But that’s just my opinion. The public have other opinion and must be respected. I have to ask apologies as it didn’t justify my attitude, but I believe it’s understandable.”

“I also asked apologies to my team mates, because they’re the ones that had nothing to do with it. It was a bad response from me and I asked apologies before the training. They tried to help, but yesterday I was so upset that I didn’t hear anyone. There’s no before and after this incident, because I will be the same player.” He added.

The man from Benfica also revealed what he talked with coach Fernando Vázquez, “The coach told me that he didn’t like it, but that he knew why I had this attitude and that I had my reasons, but that this wasn’t the way. I also thought this after thinking of the incident, just when I was calmer.”

The polemic part of the press conference was when he reproached the fans for criticizing the Portuguese players, “It was a bad attitude, but it’s understandable. You know why this happens? Because I score a goal and if I celebrate it then the fans are happy, but if I miss it and the game ends only with one goal in favour, then the comments begging: the Portuguese isn’t running, the Portuguese is the one to blame, but you should realize that within the last games the Portuguese players are the ones that had scored the goals and they are bringing life.”

“In my opinion everybody is important, there are no Spanish and neither Portuguese, but it must be clear for everybody, not only to the players; inside the changing room we all know that there are no Portuguese and neither Spanish players, because we are a united team, struggling to get the best for Deportivo, but I already heard the fans chanting ‘less Portuguese, more Galicians’ and it’s something that was heard many times, and you will realize that within the last games, of the last twenty goals, fourteen or fifteen were netted by Portuguese players, now why they don’t sign against the Portuguese players? It’s something that should happen. It cannot be that the Portuguese are a shit when things are bad, and then we all are good when things are working out. It isn’t like that. This is the reason why I had a bad attitude in yesterday’s game; I ask apologies to the fans, but it’s understandable. I will be the same guy, but if I score a goal I will dedicate it to my family, not to anyone else.” He finalized.



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