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25 May 2013
Fernando Vázquez is forced to make a modification at his team as Manuel Pablo is suspended; Ayoze Díaz is the first candidate for the job. The rest should be the same lineup of past weeks, including Pizzi and Riki

The decisive meeting at La Rosaleda will only witness one modification compared to the “normal” team that coach Fernando Vázquez has been using since his team began the positive streak nine matchdays ago. It’s a forced modification as Manuel Pablo is suspended with five yellow cards. His substitute will probably be another Canarian player: Ayoze Díaz, though he will be performing on the left.

Ayoze has barely played in the second round, actually he has only played four games since the arrival of Vázquez and this is first presentation since matchday 34, though the Canarian, together with the rest of the defense, left a positive impression in that game as Depor clinched a clean sheet in the 0-0 home meeting against Atlético Madrid.

Still, there are some concerns with Ayoze as his main weakness is his poor aerial game, precisely one of the fortresses of Malaga. The Andalusians are the fourth team in la liga in terms of goals in set-pieces (11). But it’s also true that, with or without Ayoze, Depor represent the worst defense in terms of aerial game after leaking 15 goals through a header, the highest number in la liga

To make things worse Roque Santa Cruz will probably be a starter after joining the trainings on Friday, the Paraguayan already scored three times through a header,  and there are other players with a strong aerial game, like Brazilian Julio Baptista.

Perhaps that’s why Vázquez tested with a line of three centre-backs as Kaká joined Aythami and Ze Castro during Thursday’s training, though it isn’t strange as the coach usually tests different formations during midweek. It could be an option in the last part of the match.

So, the rest of Deportivo’s lineup should be the same team that defeated RCD Espanyol on last Sunday. Dani Aranzubia covers the goal, Sílvio Azevedo switches to the right side and the central positions are for the duo Ze Castro-Aythami.

In the past match against RCD Espanyol, Abel Aguilar left the pitch upset as he didn’t want to be replaced, now the Colombian returns in order to play alongside Juan Dominguez. A combination that has only lost one game on this season (0-2 Vs. Sevilla CF).

Vázquez will keep the 4-2-3-1 draw as he will present his normal diamond figure in attack, with Pizzi and Bruno Gama exchanging positions at the wings, while Valerón and Riki will attack from the centre and attempting quick combinations that could bring the scoring opportunities.

Marchena and Manuel Pablo are the only confirmed casualties for the game; Salomăo hasn’t received the medical discharge, but will be part of the expedition to Andalusia as the club decided to make the trip with the full squad. So Vázquez is having twenty-two players available for the match, including right-back Laure, who’s returning after been five months out.



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