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05 Jun 2013
Another sad season for Depor; the Galician outfit lost the half of their matches on the league campaign and was early eliminated in Copa. There were a lot of crazy moments, like the defeats at Atlético Madrid and Real Zaragoza.

Many sad chapters in a season that meant a new relegation to Segunda División, after all Depor lost 19 of the 38 matches disputed in the league competition. The key to understand the tragedy was the fact that only eight victories were achieved, besides to the weird games in which the team dropped crucial points.

The first victory arrived at matchday 01 as the Blanquiazul outfit clinched a 2-0 win at the Riazor hosting CA Osasuna. José Luis Oltra’s team left a positive impression in the debut and there were many hopes that the season was going to be positive for them.

These feelings were confirmed in the following three games as the team remained undefeated, though clinching three straight draws. The first one was really an amazing result as it was a 3-3 tie visiting Valencia CF at Mestalla. There were some errors at defense, but no one cared at the time as the team clinched the comeback in the second part after been down 3-1 by minute 40.

Greyer was the 1-1 tie at home hosting Getafe CF. Depor didn’t play a good game, but it was seen as a positive outcome ahead of the future. It was the same score of the visit to Granada CF, game that will be remembered as the one in which Nélson Oliveira came out from the bench early in the first half to score the goal and then witness how referee Jesús Gil Manzano didn’t want to allow a valid goal to the Portuguese attacker.

At the time the media and the fans were content with the team as it spent four matchdays without losing, but the first meeting with reality came soon after Depor suffered four straight defeats. The first one at home hosting Sevilla CF (0-2). Plane game for the Galicians, unfortunately, the figure was going to be repeated throughout the season.

The first big loss came in matchday 06: 1-5 visiting Real Madrid. Riki surprised with an early goal, but the Madrilenians easily crushed Depor lead by the hat-trick of Cristiano Ronaldo. At this point there were many concerns for the number of goals allowed by the team, and the defense was in the spotlight.

One week later Deportivo were defeated by Rayo Vallecano at the Estadio de Vallecas (2-1), the visiting team played a horrible first half and reacted in the second, though they were only able to score once after been down 0-2 by half-time. Perhaps the main memory of the game was that left-back Evaldo was early replaced in the second half by Ayoze, since that day he was no longer a starter with Oltra and the Brazilian player was hardly criticized during the rest of the liga campaign.

The stranger game on the season came in matchday 09, because there were nine goals at the Riazor during the match against FC Barcelona (4-5). It was the Primera game on this season with the highest number of goals, beyond this it was strange. Barca were leading 0-3 by minute 17, but somehow Depor started to pull some goals, some of them by accident, and never lost the hope of grabbing a positive result. In the end the hat-trick of Messi was too much for Depor.

After a month of suffering Los Blanquiazules found an oasis as they spent three games without losing, it coincided with the first-leg in Copa Del Rey and the Galician derby. At Balaídos, Juan Dominguez scored the equalizer to get a point visiting RC Celta (1-1). Still, the result didn’t left a good taste as Depor faced a rival that played with ten men during 40 minutes.

Then there was a double meeting against RCD Mallorca, both matches played at the Riazor. In the first the substitutes played in the debut in Copa Del Rey, a 1-1 that was going to be a golden result for the Majorcans. More pleasant was the second match, this time playing for la liga, because Bruno Gama scored a goal that meant the second victory of the season.

And then it came the downward spiral that led to Oltra’s destitution, because Deportivo were going to lose five of the next seven matches, and some of them were weird cases, like the 3-5 loss visiting Real Zaragoza, just when the team was leading 2-1 by half-time, or the 0-2 loss hosting Levante UD at the Riazor, this last one was another weirdness as Depor lost both centre-backs before the 15-minute mark due to injury reasons and also because the rival scored twice only making three shots on target.

Depor completed a serious game in their last visit to San Mamés adding a 1-1 draw against Athletic Bilbao, but later suffered three new set-backs ,the first was to be eliminated from Copa after a 0-0 draw at RCD Mallorca. Oltra played with the bench players and never left the impression of been trying to pass the round.

The second setback was a 2-3 home defeat against Real Betis. Oltra was hardly criticized on this game too, because his team came back from a 0-2 situation  to end allowing a goal fifteen minutes before the end, just after the Valencian coach decided to risk replacing a defender –Roderick- with a striker –Bodipo-

The most humiliating moment came at matchday 15, because Depor was trashed by Atlético Madrid playing at the Calderón stadium. Five of those goals netted by Falcao, while the team only completed one shot on target. It’s the biggest defeat at Primera since the 0-6 visiting Córdoba CF on the season 64/65. Truly it was a bad game, but also to remember that there were a lot of casualties, jut to mention that the centre-backs for the occasion were Fabril’s Insua and Roderick. At this point the team was already the bottom team in la liga.

Matchday 16 was understood as a final for Oltra as his team was hosting Real Valladolid, but it just turned to be another disappointment as it was a 0-0 result –the first of three goalless liga games for Depor on the season- There were rumours the coach would be fired, but he stayed only to see him his team losing again, this time visiting a RCD Espanyol that was also in relegation (2-0). Again the team left a negative impression and Oltra was fired before the New Year’s Eve.

Deportivo were ending the first round with the debut of new coach Domingos Pacięncia, who left a positive first impression as his ordered team clinched a 1-0 victory over Malaga CF playing at the Riazor, it was just the third success on the season. The result brought the hope among the fans, but the true is that it was going to be the lonely victory with the Portuguese tactician.

There was time for another decent performance as Depor drew 1-1 visiting Real Sociedad. A positive result facing a tough rival, especially since the Galicians played the last half an hour with ten men after Evaldo was sent off –the first red card for Depor on the season- Still, the team ended the first round at the last place.

Then another ‘Tsunami’ period: six straight losses, four of them with Domingos still aboard. The second round begun with a grey game at Pamplona and with a new loss: 1-2 visiting CA Osasuna. Then a new weirdness case: Valencia CF visited the Riazor to clinch the three points thanks to a 2-3 score and with two goals netted in weird moments: the first after just 29 seconds and the third in the stoppage time.

The short cycle with Domingos was closed with two new defeats, again weird games. In the first Depor lost 2-3 visiting Getafe CF. The fact is that Depor was leading 1-0 since minute 12 after Pizzi scored a penalty before a rival that was already playing with ten men. But the Blanquiazul outfit never managed the situation and allowed two goals after Abel Aguilar was sent off.

An earthquake was felt at the Riazor when Granada CF clinched a 0-3 win on matchday 23, truly Depor didn’t play a good game, but neither deserved the outcome. After all the rival only made two shots on target, the first goal was an own goal of Marchena at the edge of half-time, the second an isolated play of the Andalusians and the third a inexistent penalty in the stoppage time. This game was understood as the first final of the season, so the logical response was the protest of the Riazor –the only one on the season- something that led to Domingos’ departure.

Deportivo were desperate and Fernando Vázquez arrived trying to solve the mess, there was no time ahead of his first class as it was played just three days after his arrival: it was a 1-3 loss visiting Sevilla CF and the score was already set before the half-time mark. Then Real Madrid visited the Riazor and once again Depor dropped points within the final minutes; the team was winning 1-0 by half-time, but two goals within the final twenty minutes cost the match.

At this point Depor were already nine points below the safety and many already feared the worst, especially as in the following game there was a tasteless 0-0 hosting Rayo Vallecano, which was followed by a decent 0-2 loss at the Camp Nou visiting FC Barcelona. The defensive work was acceptable in this meeting, but at the same time the team didn’t’ make any shot on target –the only time this happened on the season-

And then it came the golden moment on the season with the Galician outfit clinching four straight victories, enough to pull the team out of relegation. It all started with the 3-1 win during the Galician derby played at the Riazor against RC Celta, which was followed by the first away win of the season: 2-3 at RCD Mallorca. Then the team defeated Real Zaragoza in another cardiac game at home (3-2) and excelled its potential with a0-4 washing away Levante UD at the Ciutat de Valencia, game that still under suspension for a link between the Chinese mafia and some players at the Valencian team.

Depor were revived, after all it had only won three games before this rally, but the true is that Fernando Vázquez, who was now on the spotlight in Spain, was just going to add one more victory in the remaining seven games. In the next three his team only added draws, starting with a disappointing 1-1 at home before Athletic Bilbao, then a meritorious 1-1 visiting Real Betis and then an acceptable goalless game hosting Atlético Madrid, once again facing the Madrilenians having important casualties.

The chances for the survival were big at this crucial moment, but Depor failed at the moment of truth as they lost three of the four last games. One of the main disappointments was the 0-1 loss visiting Real Valladolid, match in which there were only three shots on target per team. The team bounced back defeating RCD Espanyol (2-0), also surprised by the reaction of Oliveira celebrating the second goal, but then signed the condemnation losing in the visit to Malaga CF (1-3) and the closing match against Real Sociedad (0-1). In the end the team lost the half of the matches played in the league, enough reason to understand the relegation.



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