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05 Jun 2013
The following is a complication of the most representative pictures that described the 38 matches at Primera. Many moments of sorrow, but also a few of joy in a season that meant a new relegation to Liga Adelante.

The adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" is the subject of this article; the liga season was hard and mainly sad for Deportivo as it ended with their tenth relegation to Segunda. Sorrow was the feeling that prevailed, but there were happy moments too.

Depor’s players expressed a lot of feelings throughout the season; anger, joy, ecstasy and sorrow; and the best way to understand it is watching the best moments of the team during the liga matches. The following is a resume of the best 38 pictures of the liga tournament; 38 portraits that could resume what happened throughout the year.

Matchday 01: Depor 2 – Osasuna 0. Nélson Oliveira called all the attention as he scored a wonderful goal at the last minute chipping the ball over the keeper, it was during the retuning game of Depor to Primera.

Matchday 02: Valencia 3 – Depor 3. Sensational game of Deportivo coming from behind two times to pick up a point in the always difficult Mestalla. Abel Aguilar scored a brace. In the photo he’s picking the ball after scoring his first goal.

Matchday 03: Depor 1 – Getafe 1. Riki was the best player in the game; he scored the goal and brought the main danger for his team.

Matchday 04: Granada 1 - Depor 1. Oliveira seized an error of the defense to score the goal for Deportivo. In the picture the Portuguese striker has just sent the ball into the back of the net.

Matchday 05: Depor 0 – Sevilla 2. First defeat on the season for Deportivo. The team had a decent game, but it didn’t create too many scoring opportunities. Sevilla scored once and Aranzubia failed in a clearance smashing the ball into the body of Rakitic to allow a second goal that defined the match.

Matchday 06: Real Madrid 5 - Depor 1. The first big loss on the season; a soft Depor was trashed by a Real Madrid playing at half speed. Di Maria celebrates the second goal; behind him Aranzubia is feeling frustrated.

Matchday 07: Rayo Vallecano 2 – Depor 1. Another match in which Depor wasted the first half to end hurrying up the things in the second part. In the picture Aranzubia lying on the ground as Rayo’s Piti celebrates the first goal. Álex, Abel Aguilar and Evaldo feel sorry for it.

Matchday 08: Depor 4 – Barca 5. The craziest game of the season. Depor was losing 0-3 by minute 17, then Oltra’s side reacted and almost reached the miracle of the equalizer. In the picture a euphoric Álex yells the 2-3.

Matchday 09: Celta 1 - Depor 1. The first Galician derby ended in a draw and Deportivo couldn’t seize the fact that Celta played with ten men during big part of the game. In the picture Valerón has just made a marvelous assist to Juan Dominguez, who scored the goal.

Matchday 10: Depor 1 – Mallorca 0. Deportivo returned to winning ways thanks to the great strike of Bruno Gama.

Matchday 11: Zaragoza 5 - Depor 3. Another crazy game, another defeat for Deportivo. The Galicians wasted a two-goal advantage and allowed five goals for the third time on the season. The debacle started after Apoño scored the first goal for the home side from the penalty spot.

Matchday 12: Depor 0 – Levante 2. All kind of things occurred in this new defeat; Oltra lost his two centre backs after 14 minutes, Riki missed a penalty and Álex ended as the goalkeeper. In the picture Riki feels sorry after sending the ball over the crossbar, while Munúa looks relieved.

Matchday 13: Athletic 1 - Depor 1. Aerial battle at San Mamés. Athletic Bilbao dominated and had the better chances, many in crosses searching for Llorente, but Depor fought hard and grabbed a point. In the picture Aythami fights against Llorente; Lux is behind them.

Matchday 14: Depor 2 – Betis 3. The revenge of Rubén Castro. The ex-Depor striker scored twice and leaded his team to the victory. Deportivo played well, but once again committed crucial errors at defense, this time combined with the terrible decision by Oltra of switching the draw into a 3-5-2. In the picture the Canarian striker has just connected the ball to score his second goal in the match.

Matchday 15: Atlético 6 - Depor 0. Another big defeat for Oltra’s Deportivo playing on the road. Falcao crushed the Galicians scoring five goals, never before a player had scored so many goals facing Depor, at least at Primera División.

Matchday 16: Depor 0 – Valladolid 0. Deportivo deserved a better luck in this game, but it didn’t seize their chances. Still, the Galicians could have lost the game if it wasn’t for the double save of Lux before the two straight chances of Óscar.

Matchday 17: Espanyol 2 - Depor 0. Karma is real. Cristian Stuani was close to join Depor, but at the last second he signed for RCD Espanyol and it was him who scored the second goal in what turned to be one of the worst games on the season. The last in 2012 and that certified Deportivo as the last place at Primera. It was also the last game with Oltra.

Matchday 18: Depor 1 – Malaga 0. New year and new coach for Deportivo. Domingos Paciência debuted with an ordered team that clinched the three points thanks to Pizzi, who seized an error of the rival in order to pick up three vital points.

Matchday 19: Real Sociedad 1 -Depor 1. Important point added at Anoeta. Again Pizzi was the one that scored the goal, this time with a beautiful volley over keeper Bravo.

Matchday 20: Osasuna 2 -Depor 1. First defeat for Domingos Paciência. Flat game of Deportivo in which there were a lot of errors at defense, one of them cost the first goal of the Navarrans as Sola seized a cross from the right.

Matchday 21: Depor 2 – Valencia 3. More errors, new defeat. Deportivo scored twice, but allowed three headers that meant a new loss at the Riazor, including a header of Jonas after just 35 seconds in the game.

Matchday 22: Getafe 3 - Depor 1. Another painful defeat; the Galicians had everything in favour after scoring an early goal before a rival with ten men. But new defensive errors cost the game. It all started with the penalty committed by both Ze Castro and Evaldo over Barrada.

Matchday 23: Depor 0 – Granada 3. Perhaps the most painful defeat on the season, but the news was at the stands. The public at the Riazor couldn’t stand what they were watching and there were huge protest in the second part with the 0-2 in the scoresheet. The public chanted against the players and even against Lendoiro.

Matchday 24: Sevilla 3 – Depor 1. The bleeding at defense continued as Deportivo allowed three new goals, all of them after failing to clear the plays that were born on the wings. The first one just five minutes after the initial whistle as Rakitić headed the ball before the passivity of the defense, including the poor mark of Sílvio. This was the first game with Fernando Vázquez aboard.

Matchday 25: Depor 1 – Real Madrid 2. Acceptable performance of Deportivo, but once again a defeat for the Galicians. Depor were winning 1-0 at half-time, but two late goals caused the sixth straight loss in liga. In the photo Cristiano Ronaldo assists Higuaín for the decisive goal three minutes before the final whistle.

Matchday 26: Depor 0 – Rayo Vallecano 0. The game was presented to the fans as a “final”, but the players never demonstrated any courage. Rayo missed their countless opportunities and the game ended scoreless. New step towards Segunda and Abel Aguilar knows it.

Matchday 27: Barca 2 - Depor 0. Narrow score, but ineffective game of Deportivo as the Galicians never completed a shot on target. In the picture Messi is chipping the ball for the second goal.

Matchday 28: Depor 3 – Celta 1. Refreshing victory for Deportivo in the Galician derby; pretty good performance of the whole team. In the picture Salomão eludes Javi Varas before scoring the third goal.

Matchday 29: Mallorca 2 - Depor 3. First away victory on the season. Depor were superior to RCD Mallorca, but suffered within the last minutes. In the picture the team celebrates the first goal scored by Sílvio.

Matchday 30: Depor 3 – Zaragoza 2. Dramatic game at the Riazor that meant a third straight win for Depor. There were two comebacks in the game. In the photo Riki and Abel Aguilar celebrate the third goal, an own goal of Abraham after a corner-kick of Pizzi.

Matchday 31: Levante 0 - Depor 4. Impressive presentation of Depor; the biggest away win in nine years and a result that approached the permanence. In the photo Nélson Oliveira celebrates with fury the third goal; his first in almost six months.

Matchday 32: Depor 1 – Athletic 1. Suffered game for Depor; the Basques were the better team, though they didn’t complete too many shots on target. In the photo Aranzubia saves one of those chances before Muniain.

Matchday 33: Betis 1 - Depor 1. The Galicians increased their unbeaten streak to six games after adding a valuable point at the Benito Villamarín. In the photo Riki is ending a marvelous counterattack that meant Deportivo’s goal.

Matchday 34: Depor 0 – Atlético Madrid 0. Flat game marked by the calls of referee Ayza Gámez, who was unable to whistle two penalties in favour of Depor.  The second a hand inside Atletico’s area at the last minute after a  short-range shot of Evaldo. The Brazilian couldn’t believe that his team wasn’t awarded with the penalty.

Matchday 35: Valladolid 1 - Depor 0. 5,000 fans traveled to the Jose Zorilla, but it wasn’t enough to motivate a grey team that played a poor game. In the picture Javi Guerra is scoring the lonely goal in the game after a corner-kick action.

Matchday 36: Depor 2 – Espanyol 0. Important victory that pulled the team outside of relegation; Bruno Gama celebrates the first goal after an impressive shot from the edge of the area. It was going to be the last win at Primera.

Matchday 37: Malaga 3 – Depor 1. The Blanquiazul outfit was unable to secure the permanence after a disappointing game at La Rosaleda. A lot of attempts, but only four shots on target, meanwhile Malaga seized their best chances. In the photo Saviola is scoring the first goal.

Matchday 38: Depor 0 – Real Sociedad 1. Another nightmare at the Riazor; Depor were unable to score and suffered a new relegation to Segunda. Many powerful images, but the strongest one was the good-bye of Valerón, underserved end after thirteen years at Deportivo.



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