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07 Jun 2013
Diogo Salom„o gave an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; toe Portuguese said that he will not have a problem to stay at Depor ahead of next season. He also thinks that, despite the problems, Deportivo can prepare a solid team.

Q: What happened in the last game?
A: We died at the shore. During big part of the season we were drowned, but it seemed we could go out. That game will be something I will never forget. It was the most important game I have played and turned to be the worst moment in my career.

Q: Whatís left after the relegation?
A: It's been a difficult season for us. We tried to give everything, but we were unable to achieve the goal. A lot has happened on this year. We had many obstacles along the way.

Q: What obstacles do you mean?
A: There were several coaching changes and that also affects the squad. Always unstable. Money was also a problem, but we learned to overcome it. I think the players reacted very well. In the field we managed to forget everything going on around us. For this reason we managed to comeback  when it seemed impossible.

Q: You lost a protagonic role at the team. Too many injuries?
A: I would have loved to have a more active role, but it wasnít possible. I started well last year, in my first season at the team and had the opportunity to play several games in a row. Later I had no options with the coaches, but I have sought to improve and earn a chance. About my performance, Iím very happy with it. I seized every chance I got and think I should have played more games. I thought about it all the time, but itís in the past now.

Q: You could be back next season.
A: To stay at Depor on next season is something that goes through my head. I'll have to talk to my agent and decide what the best option for me is.

Q: Did you receive any offer in from the club?
A: With me no one has talked. Weíll have to see what happens this summer. What I can say is that I've had a great time on these two years. I was very comfortable at the city and at the club, but my continuity depends on several factors.

Q: Is the economic one of them?
A: The lack of money is one of the factors influencing, obviously. And is weighing in the decision of any player, of course. But, like I said before, I played at Segunda with Depor and was a very good season that could be repeated.

Q: This time several key players are leaving.
A: It would have been great to maintain the main structure of the team, but obviously itís impossible due to the situation experienced by the club. Still, you can make a great team.

Q: Like to clinch the promotion now?
A: Depor need tranquility and should remember about what happened two years ago. Why will not happen again? It is a great club and needs to be at Primera.



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