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12 Jun 2013
Coach Fernando Vázquez spent the last hours talking with several media sources; from La Voz de Galicia to a general press conference with AP agency on Tuesday’s morning. The following is a list of the main inquiries asked to the Galician tactician.

Q: You needed several meetings to agree on the renewal. Were they offering less or did you ask for a lot?
A: The negotiation has been to tie the economic and social aspects... I'm not quick and neither easy in my decisions. And what I've decided could have been decided before, but wanted to think about it.

Q: Did you turn down other offers?
A: Yes. I had offers from Spain and outside Spain. For some teams I didn't even waited. They were studying alternatives. And I think I guessed right. I'm in the place where I feel stronger and more loved. I’m thrilled and the hope is very important, just ask the fans.

Q: Were you close to leave?
A: I had my doubts before renewing. The doors are open and I could have escaped. I´ve friends that told me that I should have left, but in order to fly you need to jump. I feel fine at Deportivo and it’s hopeful to build up, to make a team according to my view.

Q: Since the game against Real Sociedad ended we are hearing of a project based in the academy. Exactly what do you pretend to do?
A: I always had the dream to show that in Galicia a coach can make sense working at a club. To works so that you will notice the first team is open to youth players. It’s possible to do it in A Coruña, as it’s possible elsewhere.

Q: But this is not done in two days and neither in a pre-season, right?
A: 'I'm not going to come as a bull in a china shop. I'll be seeing things while I work. We need people who are dedicated to specific tasks with the academy, but that will happen once we meet. It’s to be done, but I have clear ideas. I intend to just show my ideas and make all parents know that if there is talent in our environment, then they have a spot at Deportivo. Those who play at the Juvenil squad and at Fabril are at the edge of becoming professionals. And if a parent has a child who is good at this, and f he thinks that there’s no room for him in A Coruña, then they are wrong. In A Coruña there will be future for that kid.

Q: But what will happen with the academy, is a clean slate?
A: By no means. There is already an undeniable basis. If I say that I already have youth players at the B team and the Juvenil squad it is for something.

Q: And apart from that project, what will be the short-term goal?
A: Betting on the academy does not mean giving up sporting goals. Think big: the kids are going to give you anything you ask. The goal is the promotion to Primera with kids from the academy. I’m aware of the limitations, but we’ll make a winning team. Sometimes it’s hard to establish a clear goal, but I will demand the promotion to my players. I will ask them to give their best. We will search for the promotion haven seven or eight homegrown players.

Q: Your goal encompasses several areas, have you requested full powers?
A: I don’t come here searching for power. I come as a coach, because all that matters is sports. I don’t care who’s in charge. Now we’ve to make small changes, but nothing crazy. We need to create some key positions. But people for those positions may be already at the club.

Q: And, have you requested to have voice and vote at the moment of making signings?
A: In all the places I've been they always asked me before making signings and I hope here too. It isn’t necessary to ask for that. I have no doubt that I’ll have a very important role in this area. Between the coach and the sporting director we will make the team, with the approval of the club, obviously.

Q: Only the approval?
A: I consider myself as a club coach. Not even Mourinho signs all the players. I will try everything to go according to my opinion, but I won’t have the vanity to say that everything will be as I want it. My intention is that my opinion carries weight. Then there will be other interests and money on one side and the other.

Q: Of the players leaving, how many are useful?
A: All that are left are players who are useful. These are Primera players that already clinched the promotion from Segunda. Why they won’t be useful?

Q: Have you asked anything yet?
A: The money will be will to sign goals. You watch the statistics and if you want the promotion then you, at least, need to score sixty goals. Sometimes you need to buy the goals. We need strikers, it’s clear, it’s the priority. Two strikers of 20 goals each one, it means 40 per season, and if not we'll have to look for them.

Q: But have you given names?
A: Not yet. The effort I have asked is to get two strikers. They must have talent and goal. I have names in mind, but I have not yet transmitted them to the club. I talked a bit with Ernesto Bello [sporting director], nothing more.

Q: The talent and the goal are not cheap.
A: If we have to get rid of something to build up the team then we’ll have to do it. At Segunda you need to score fifty or sixty goals to clinch the promotion only allowing a few. The money we make will be invested in the offensive line.

Q: Long or short team?
A: I want a manageable team of 18 or 19 field players and from there, the B squad. Even among those of the first team we’ll have homegrown players.

Q: Why are you at Segunda?
A: Because we failed. In the last game, and not only in the last game. The effort we made was not enough. We lacked a little bit of room, but we had it on our hand. We could have won some games we lost.

Q: And lost some games that were won, right?
A: Not many. Against Athletic, maybe. But let’s imagine we could have taken a point against Madrid and if we would have won against Betis. We had the chance.

Q: What was wrong?
A: I think, on this season, I didn’t fail too much. If I would have had more time then I would have done other things. Perhaps players who didn’t play would have played. But at that point it wasn’t worth to make the changes.

Q: To not allow to play the one that deserves it, isn’t a mistake?
A: As much as you see games from the outside you don’t get to know the real possibilities of your players. I had to know them in depth and at the same time compete. But there are no excuses. I knew where I was coming.

Q: And would you like to retain some of those who leave?
A: Yes. For example, André Santos and Salomão are staying at Sporting and I wanted to have them.

Q: Do you know if the club will rely again in Mendes?
-I have not spoken anything about it. But if I had been here at the beginning of last season, then I would have been fine with the players that arrived.

Q: Don’t you think there were too many Portuguese players on last season?
A: Yes, surely the Portuguese were too many, but they weren’t bad. We need two good strikers, they need to score twenty goals each one. That Mendes have them? Well, he should put them on here.

Q: What happened with Nélson Oliveira?
A: Nélson is going to be a great player. I don’t know when, but he’ll be. He’s smart, but had a maturity problem. He didn’t know how to be a substitute.

Q: Do you think there are players that can be sold?
A: There are. I look at the team as a whole. And if there are chances to see a player leaving, and if that money is to invest it in necessary signings, then I think is positive. As long as there’s a consensus, of course. There are only a few resources and we’ve to spend it well. We cannot rush in spending money on something that I already have.
Q: Aranzubia is in the group of players that could leave. What will happen at the goal of Depor?
A: The goalkeeper’s position is very important. If I can stay with the two that we had then I would do it. If not, one. One of the two will remain, that’s for sure. I'm going to ask the club to renew Lux.

Q: I guess you will revisit these last few games.
A: Of course I do. If we would have scored a goal in Malaga, I think they wouldn’t have disputed the game. And sometimes I think if it was it a mistake to go out for the game against Real Sociedad. I think a lot about that. We played the lottery and lost. But these three months were exciting and spectacular and it will take time before I forget them.



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