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15 Jun 2013
Playmaker Juan Carlos is back after a not so positive loan spell at SD Huesca, but he remains optimistic and prefers to say that he learned a lot. He shared his experiences during an interview at Radio Coruña (Cadena SER).

Juan Carlos Real lived a hard season, suffering two relegations with Deportivo and SD Huesca, a chaotic exit during the summer and a unfortunate spell in Aragon starting on January. During an interview with journalist Fran Hermida from Radio Coruña (SER) he was sincere and admitted the problems, but preferred to stay with the things he learned within the last twelve months.

“The true is that the season was bad, because Depor suffered the relegation and also Huesca did, and I lived the latter one. We had a last chance as we depended of ourselves in the last game, just like Depor, but it wasn’t possible. So, the season was bad and now we can only wait for the next one.” He began saying.

About his experience at Huesca, the playmaker stated that, “I spent there five months and we must see things in a positive way, truly I began the season playing and had my opportunities, but ended without having too many minutes. Still, I want to remain with the positive stuff and I believe I have made a step forward in my career. We must remain with the positive things and I think it was good to me.”

And interesting question was if he would have preferred to stay at Fabril knowing that he wasn’t going to get too many minutes at Huesca, “In terms of minutes truly I could have had, but I prefer to remain with the positive things. I was in another club; I was able to watch other things, other way to work… I joined people with experience and played in the second biggest league in Spain, so it was useful. I want to see it as something positive. That it could have been better? Yes, but things aren’t always as you want.” The A Coruña-born player said.

Despite the new project of Fernando Vázquez is trying to search for the best youngsters in order to reinforce the first team, Juan Carlos prefers to remain calm about his possible presence on next season, “Depor have suffered the relegation to Segunda and supposedly the club will rely more on the youngsters, but well, you never know what the best thing is. I’ve been out for five months, looking at other club, other city and other way to work. I believe I’ve learned things in order to bring them here. In the end you can come here with or without minutes and nobody will tell you that you have a secure place. People new will come too and we all will start from zero.”

Asked about what a young player needs in order to play with Depor at Segunda, he answered that, “You need to think faster. Football at Segunda División means to compete. At Tercera you can shine for many things, for having quality of for your characteristics and talent, but at Segunda if you don’t compete then you won’t play. That’s the basic thing you must learn. I learned and lived it.”

For the Galician player it’s positive to have Fernando Vázquez leading the project of Deportivo, “It’s always good to realize that there’s a coach relying in the players from here. I always thought there were big talents on here. The club will bring people and my situation will be decided. I need to do my job, which is to try to bring my best.”

He was asked again if he see himself as part of the new Deportivo and once again he didn’t want to answer, “I’ve a contract and I hope I could fulfill it on here, but until they don’t call me I don’t know what will happen. Everything is just starting, let’s remain calm.”

About the role that Depor will have at Segunda, the former Fabril said that, “You never know what could happen. At Huesca we had great players and ended relegated. It isn’t the first time things like this happen. Others clubs build up squads to fight for the permanence and ended playing the playoffs. Surely we have people capable of building up a capable team, then you cannot control if it will work out in the short or the long term.”

The player didn’t have time to say good-bye to Valerón as he was loaned at SD Huesca, for him it’s an important casualty for everybody, “Not only for the fans, but also for the players he had a great importance for the club, but things are like this. This is a chain and surely other people will come out.”

Asked about the partners that, in his opinion, have bigger options of reaching the first team, he mentioned the name of Pablo Insua, “I believe there are many players that can be there, I haven’t watched the games, but I guess that Insua will be there, because I know him and have played alongside him. Since that point there are more and we’ll see. I also rely on Vela, who is my best friend and have played with him for a while.”

Finally Juan Carlos said once again that he’s open to stay at Depor’s first team, but that he knows that his future still to be decided, “I have spent many years giving everything and have a contract, so let’s see what happens during the summer. I am waiting for the call.”



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