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17 Jun 2013
So far the only thing made by Deportivo ahead of next season is to renew the contract of Fernando Vázquez, but the project seems defined with four sources providing the twenty players for the Segunda season.

Two weeks after Deportivo La Coruña suffered a second relegation in three years and the club hasn’t deepened in the planning for next season. The only thing done so far is to renew the contract of coach Fernando Vázquez. Actually, the situation will remain the same for at least one week as the coach is at the Canary Islands giving a lecture.

Still, it’s possible to hint what could happen during the summer taking in mind what Vázquez said during the days in which he renewed his contract. Basically the Deportivo 2013/14 will be constructed from four sources: the ten players that still have a contract, the three or five signings that will join the club, the five players returning from loan spells and the five players that will be promoted from Deportivo B.

Those four sources won’t change, what can change is the exact number of players that these sources will provide to the new squad. Firstly, it all depends on the players staying. The ten players having contract are: goalkeeper Dani Aranzubia, right-backs Laure and Manuel Pablo, centre-backs Ze Castro and Aythami Artiles, left-back Ayoze Díaz, centre midfielders Paulo Assunção, Álex Bergantiños and Juan Dominguez plus right winger Bruno Gama.

Fernando Vázquez has stated that he counts with these ten players, he also said that he would like to renew keeper German Lux, though nothing has been negotiated with the Argentine man. The base for the new season is located on these players, but the true is that any exit cannot be ruled out. Aranzubia has been linked with Real Betis; an agent in the UK has said that Laure is followed by clubs in England, while several Primera clubs have been following Bruno Gama.  But for now these are only rumours as there aren’t negotiations to allow exits.

Then the case of the five loaned players: right-back Diego Seoane, playmaker Juan Carlos, centre-backs Stefan Deák and David Rochela, plus keeper Felipe Ramos. Nothing has been decided on the future of these players, but it’s accepted that that not all of them will return. Seoane and Juan Carlos have more options of staying; Rochela could be loaned for one more season, while Deák and Felipe Ramos could leave the club.

About signings, the club hasn’t started any negotiation, but there are two certain things. The first is that Deportivo won’t pay for any transfer, so the signings will be zero-cost transfers or loans, mainly secured through Jorge Mendes. The second is that the major part of the signings will be attackers.

Six of the players with contract are goalkeepers or defenders and so far the only attacking player having a link with the club is Bruno Gama, so this is the main zone to be reinforced. Actually, Fernando Vázquez already announced that the main attention of the club in the market is to secure the arrival of two strikers capable of scoring twenty goals per season.

The general idea is to have fifteen players at the first team coming from these three sources, then the five remaining spots will be for Fabril’s members. One of these spots will surely be for centre-back Pablo Insua, something already admitted by Fernando Vázquez. The other players that will be promoted on a permanent basis haven’t been determined.

The coach will make a decision during the pre-season stage, which will begin on July 1st. The Fabril’s players that will be picked for this stage are keeper Marc Martinez, centre-back Uxío Marcos, right-back/winger Diego Vela, centre midfielders Oumar Sidibé and Paulo Teles, playmaker Jorge Romay, right winger Álvaro Lemos and striker Luis Fernández. The name of playmaker/winger Javier Abruñedo ‘Bicho’ will probably be included too, but he’s only 17 and will surely stay at Depor B on next season.



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