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17 Jun 2013
Deportivo’s veteran player, Manuel Pablo, is on holidays at the Canary Islands, and he talked to the media about Deportivo, Valerón and the upcoming future. He sees himself ready for a final season at the Galician club.

The captain of Deportivo began talking of the relegation suffered by Deportivo, “It was a bad season, and there are no excuses. You end out with a terrible feeling after suffering the relegation in the last matchday. We arrived to the last game in liga against Real Sociedad having options, we depended on ourselves and we failed. It’s what you have for been gambling with only one card.”

“Real [Sociedad] were pretty strong, they sealed the pass to the Champions League and the victory that would have secured our permanence never came. It was a pity. We lived a similar situation in 2011, but what happened on this season was worse. We gained a momentum and saw ourselves having options of clinching the permanence. Two months before nobody thought about it and it ended as two years ago. We depended on ourselves, playing at home, and we didn’t get the result.” He added.

Then he talked of Valerón’s departure, “He was there until the end. His decision was made since a while ago and tried to not divert the attention and to see the team saved. He wanted to leave with the permanence, with Depor at Primera. It was a pity for him, truly everything was sad.”

“The true is that this was a hard year for him. Both in the sporting subject and for the things happening outside the pitch. There was too much responsibility on his shoulders. He’s a person that symbolizes the Deportivismo across the world, and don’t know what he will do now. I believe he wants to face the future in a more tranquil way, but don’t know yet what he will do to end his career.” He added about El Flaco

About the upcoming future, the Canarian is ready to give everything in his last season at the club, "I have a year of contract. In this campaign I've played in the final stretch, game by game and accumulating minutes. Also with ups and downs, but always with the same enthusiasm to play. But mostly wanting to be competitive. Trying to give war for one more year.”

Finally, Manuel Pablo explained how to stay competitive at the age of 37, "The first thing is to understand that I like this. I love what I do and, secondly, I practice the game with great enthusiasm. At this age, competing is what fills you up, what keeps you alive. No matter how old you are I always like to compete. Training is the most difficult part, but I feel great, both physically and mentally. That means you can keep pushing the kids."



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