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21 Jun 2013
The goalkeeping trainer of Deportivo is leaving the club after thirteen years in the job. He’s considered among the best in Spain and was tempted to leave in several opportunities. Now, the Galician coach decides to join Beşiktaş JK.

On Tuesday, the media in Turkey was informing that José Sambade Carreira, the goalkeeping trainer of Deportivo, was signing a three-year contract with Beşiktaş JK. Two days later Depor Sport confirmed that he’s leaving.

It’s an important casualty for the club, because he’s considered to be one of the best goalkeepers trainers in Spain, with a long resume that includes being the Director of Goalkeeping Specialist Course at the Spanish federation.

At Deportivo he has trained a long list of names, from Jacques Songo’o and José Francisco Molina to last season’s goalies Dani Aranzubia, German Lux and Marc Martinez. In the middle he worked with all the keepers at the youth teams, actually it was always said that many of the keepers that signed for Depor’s first team and the youth squads did it because they wanted to train with him.

In an interview made in 2006, he explained how he became a keepers’ trainer, ”I did it, in the first place, because I was a goalkeeper, but at a lower league, at Tercera. I saw that there were large gaps in the area of the goalies, and as I also suffered it, I decided to focus my studies in this matter thanks in part to the support of a professor of mine who encouraged me a lot, Angel Vales. Also on many clubs the goalkeeping coach position didn’t exist. My first steps were made at Tercera as the physical trainer and assistant to the keepers. But as a specific coach for this matter I only did it after landing at Deportivo.”

About his arrival to the club, he remembered that, ”It was circumstantial. Deportivo were looking for someone in that position and at that time [2000] I was working with the youth teams. The sporting secretary thought that I should be the coach with the difficulty that this position was normally occupied by illustrious and former goalkeepers of certain teams. I was very surprised to get the opportunity and made the pre-season in Villalba being on trial and I signed when we returned. I was 26.”

He was so successful that he became a reference in this unattended topic, Sambade even opened a school for keepers, and former Depor’s players like Ian Mackay were attending to it despite been playing at other clubs. Is he stayed for thirteen years at the club it wasn’t because nobody noticed his job, but because this A Coruña-born man loved the club.

When Caparrós left, he wanted to take Sambade when he signed at Athletic Bilbao, and two years ago, when Depor suffered the previous relegation, FC Barcelona presented a big offer to him, but he rejected and preferred to stay. His priority was never the money, actually his school for keepers, instead of been an international elite school, it is accessible for anyone (between €40 & €65 per month).

Now, the second relegation of Deportivo in a matter of three years is pushing him to the door out, the delicate financial situation at the club is forcing him to search for new challenges and he decided that the Turkish football is a good option to him.



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