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27 Jun 2013
Deportivo will make a pre-season stage at Monforte de Lemos. It will take place between July 5 & 25. The club also confirmed the first friendly of the pre-season against Club Lemos, though the exact date wasn’t determined.

The club confirmed on Wednesday the pre-season stage in the city of Monforte de Lemos. It’s a tradition to see Deportivo completing a pre-season stage outside of Abegondo, in recent years these stages took place in the city of Vilalba, but now it was moved to Monforte de Lemos thanks to the insistence of the major of that city, Severino Rodriguez.

Monforte de Lemos is a city located in the province of Lugo, 157 Km away from A Coruña (a two-hour trip). The base of the pre-season stage will be Hotel Oca Golf Balneario de Augas Santas, a 4-star hotel located outside the city. It was chosen among other things because it offers services of hydrotherapy, relaxation and massage sessions with healing mineral waters. The training sessions will take place at the A Pinguela stadium.

Hotel Oca Golf Balneario de Augas Santas

The planning of the pre-season will be divided in three parts, in the first the players will train at Abegondo between July 9 & 14. The second stage will be the one taking place at Monforte de Lemos between July 15 & 25, apart from the relaxation sessions it will include the first two friendly matches of the pre-season. The first of those games will be again locals Club Lemos.

Club Lemos ended the season at the 15th position of the Preferente Autonómica Norte league (lower league to Tercera). The exact date of this match hasn’t been established yet. The team will return to A Coruña on July 26, three weeks before the debut at Liga Adelante. In this third stage the team will dispute the major part of the friendly matches, plus the Teresa Herrera tournament



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