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01 Jul 2013
Deportivo B is on the spotlight as several of the players will be promoted to the first team in order to face the new season at Segunda. The following is an analysis of the players’ performance during the Tercera campaign that has just ended.

The team had two goalkeepers during the season, Marc Martinez (3,780 minutes on the season) was the starting goalie, playing in 42 of the 44 matches played in the full campaign. He had an acceptable performance and was key in several moments, though he was also criticized for some mismatches, as example the error that mean to leak a goal in the returning-leg against UE Cornellà. It almost cost the elimination in that series. Still, he could be promoted to the first team for the new season if Aranzubia leaves or if Lux doesn’t renews his contract.

Ricky Alonso (180) was the substitute keeper; the club has high hopes on David Gómez, the latter was left at Juvenil A in order to continue playing, so they needed someone to be sited on the bench in case of an emergency and Alonso did a solid job assuming the role, because it isn’t easy to be sidelined for a full year and later enter into contention forced to leave a positive impression.

He played twice, first in the 3-1 win over CCD Cerceda (matchday 14, Marc was picked by the first team), he failed in the goal of the rival, but also made important saves in that match.  And his second game was in the last matchday: 2-0 Vs. Pontevedra, Marc was suspended and Alonso did an acceptable job despite the rival only had four attempts to score.

The situation at the right-back position is a little difficult to explain, Iván Garrido was the one with more games (33 - 2,482 minutes), but the true is that the Madrilenian played in different positions and was benched in the last part of the season, just when captain Diego Vela (2,450), a natural right winger, was delayed in order to play in a more defensive position. In the end Vela made 35 appearances, scoring four goals and bringing eight assists.

The other two right-backs at the team had a brief participation with the team; José Manuel González (330) was one of the two wildcards of Devesa, only appearing when the team needed him due to the injuries or suspensions that were hitting the team. The Arteixo-born youngster made six appearances and fulfilled his duties. More unfortunate was the season of Adriá Gallego (81), the Catalan returned in the last stretch of the season after surpassing a knee injury, but fell down again suffering a new serious injury in the penultimate matchday visiting Narón BP (May 12). He only made four appearances and already went through surgery.

More simpler is the scene at the centre of the defense, because Uxío Marcos (3,030) and Pablo Insua (3,221) were the two starting centre-backs, and when someone was missing a game then Devesa pulled of Roberto Suarez Pier ‘Róber’ (1,465), a 18-year-old centre-back that surprised everyone as no one was expecting to see him taking part of so many games with the B squad (20). In the end he was the Juvenil A player with more minutes at Fabril. He already signed a three-year extension with the club.

Marcos Caridad (460) had the role of fourth centre-back, he only made eight appearances, but it was the same case of José Manuel, because he was a ‘wildcard’ used to cover any possible casualty, and he turned be important when he performed as a right-back in the returning-leg against CD Tuilla. He was also a third centre-back in the final game against CD El Palo. This was the reason why Devesa signed him back after playing for Recreativo and CCD Cerceda.

The left-back position witnessed a similar situation to what happened at the right side, Ángel Martinez (2,810) was the player with more appearances in that position (34), but Devesa preferred the option of Adrián Martínez (2,081) for the last stretch of the season. Ángel is a more offensive option, and Devesa preferred Adrián at the same time that offensive Vela was replaced as a right-back. Adrián is a centre midfielder that alternated between the positions depending on the coach’s needs.

And it’s that the starting centre-midfielders for Devesa were the only two foreign players at the team: Portuguese Paulo Teles (2,594) and Burkinabe Oumar Sidibé (3,577). Teles was one of the brains at the team, the one making the short passes at midfield, while Sidibé were the lungs, after all the African was the outfield player with more minutes on the season. Meanwhile, Teles was the most booked player (12) as he likes to provoke the rivals, but also scored three times and contributed with five assists.

Centre-midfielder Ricardo Fernández ´Richi was the only player that didn’t enjoy of minutes on the season, this since he still recovering from several injuries, including a nasty groin problem. Álvaro Queijeiro (1) was the other player for this position, he only played once and was later loaned to Narón BP, curiously he hammered the team netting two goals against Depor in the penultimate matchday (3-3). He ended his contract in June and is already a free agent.

Three youngsters were used for the playmaking function and the three of the left a positive impression, the one with more minutes was Jorge Romay (3,355). Many people never noticed him, perhaps he’s considered a talented but at the same time a slow player, but the true is that he was the real brain of his team, the one moving the attacking zone of Fabril.

Just to remember the three assists that he gave in the first-leg against CD El Palo; the ex-Montañeros was the second best assistor at the team (14) and also netted five times. Juan Carlos Real (1,365) witnessed how the gates of the first team were closed, so he stayed for six months at Depor B. In that period of time he played sixteen matches scoring four goals plus providing four assists.

The society Juan Carlos-Romay is an interesting equation that Devesa solved switching the system into a 4-1-4-1, a figure with two playmakers. Curiously the team had better results after Juan Carlos left, but it’s also true that other players improved a lot in the second round. The most anticipated debut with the team was Javier Fernández Abruñedo, ‘Bicho’ (163), a 17-year-old winger reconverted into a playmaker at Juvenil A. Truly he only played six games, but left sparks of class that invites to dream of the future of this U-17 international player.

At this point to remember the testimonial participation of four Juvenil B players: centre midfielder Gabi González, right winger Dani Garcia, plus strikers Pancho Cotos and Álvaro López. Forced by the circumstances (injuries, suspensions and the participation of Juvenil A in Copa Del Rey) these four kids played in the final matchday of the season against Pontevedra CF, and the true is that the team looked solid clinching a 2-0 win.

Álvaro Lemos (3,227) is surely one of the best three players during the season; he began the Tercera tournament as the replacement of Vela at the right wing, but as soon as the latter was moved back to defense Lemos entered into contention and ended claiming a starting role. He exploded in the second round thanks to his skills, velocity and a proper understanding with Luis; actually this A Coruña-born player was the only one with double digits marks (13 goals and 17 assists). The best assistor at Fabril and, above all, an interesting player for the future of Deportivo.

The situation at the left wing was similar, Jorge Cano (1,480) was the starter at the beginning, but later Víctor Díaz (1,550) claimed the spot. Víctor made the past pre-season with the first team, later an injury sidelined him, but was one of the players at the team that improved a lot in the second part. He ended as the third top-scorer at the squad: 11 goals plus 3 assists.

Finally, three players performed at the centre of the attack, Luis Fernández (2,423) was the most noticed one. He began sidelined as he was returning from a knee injury, after debuting at matchday 10 he turned to be the reference up front, lethal and effective enough to claim an indisputable role at the team. He ended the season with 27 goals in favour, six of them netted during the playoffs and also scored three hat-tricks. A dreamed season to him.

His natural replacement was Álex Pérez (496), who had an unfortunate season due to the injuries. He made seventeen appearances, though only three times as a starter. In the end he ended the campaign with five goals in favour. Dani Iglesias (792) was the other striker at the team, he impressed at the beginning as this Juvenil A frontman was the starter in the first matches, but later lost weight at the team and stayed a División de Honor. Still, he is only 17 and the mark of five goals in fourteen appearances converts him into an interesting choice for the future.



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